Keith Preston Joins Extremist Hall of Fame: Banned from Facebook

[Update: At one point, I had been banned from Facebook, with my account subsequently being restored. Apparently, I am now banned again. As I say, I can be reached through the ATS contact page.]

Apparently, I am now under a total ban from Facebook. I’ve encountered more Facebook censorship in the past year than I did in the previous ten years combined. First, Facebook shut down my primary account. I had two back up accounts, one active and one inactive. The second account was shut down, followed by the third one. The Zucker no like me, I guess, lol. As they say, you can judge a man by his enemies. 🙂 Let that be what it will.

In the future, I will likely be exploring other social media options. In the meantime, those who are used to communicating with on Facebook should use the Contact page on this site instead.

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  1. While I have long had a Facebook account, I use it extremely infrequently: In the past, I might log on once a month, and often not even that.
    However, I talk to a person who tells me horror stories about how Facebook censors postings for obviously-political reasons.

    • I don’t even know if it’s political, I think it’s more like a true religion in the fact that they think their faggoty opinions are so indubitably obvious that they’re not even self-conscious about being censorious church lady cunts.

  2. This is utter good damned bullshit! I’m so pissed right now! I went to send you something and couldn’t. Grrrrr! Please update us when you’re set up elsewhere. I’m truly gonna miss having you to go to with questions, and hitting on you.

    Flote is a super simple quasi-Twitter that might be useful. It’s got a super quick start time, but it’s quite small still, I think.

    • I’m not sure. I think maintaining multiple accounts was one issue, plus all of the offensive comments that were constantly in my threads from various trolls and troublemakers. Facebook seems to be getting more censorious, so it will probably be impossible for me to do what I was doing on FB before in the future. I’ll have to find other venues.

      • Yeah, I figure that hosting a no-holds barred comment section on facebook probably ruffled some feathers. The ATS facebook page is still up, but it hasn’t attracted the same level of notoriety.

  3. I figured you got Zucked. Sorry, man. I was scrolling through my feed and realized I hadn’t seen your name pop up recently. Then I saw you were gone from my friends list. Your absence will make FB significantly less interesting.

    I wish there was a decent alternative to FB. I’ll follow you here in the meantime.

  4. Hello Keith. I’m sorry you got banned from Facebook. I kept wondering why you weren’t posting anything and it took me this long to find out why. Oh well. Facebook didn’t make you and it won’t break you either.

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