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Sorry Lefties, Your Impeachment is Bullshit

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

The ongoing impeachment of one Donald J. Trump is bullshit. There, I said it and I’ll say it again just to make sure you heard me right. This impeachment is fucking bullshit, and I’m tired of pretending otherwise. I don’t care if this makes me a bad leftist or a bad libertarian or whatever, its the stone cold honest truth and I stand by it.

The left has poured so much of their identity into apposing Trump for the very sake of apposing Trump that they’ve lost all touch with reality. Their entire identity has become as defined by this moronic ass-wipe as his unblinking supporters. The Resistance has become a mirror image of what they despise, a pack of hyperventilating paranoid deplorables who have lost themselves 5 miles up their own asshole after crashing the Hybrid in their own fucking shit. They’re a bunch of inconsolable babies and they desperately need a good slap on the ass to clear their throats.

This isn’t to say I’m defending Trump. Not by a long shot. If it were up to me, he’d be in shackles at the Hague, answering for the cold-blooded murder of little Nora al-Awlaki and his putrid children’s concentration camps on the border. Trump can burn in hell. What I hate is this Ukrainegate nonsense. Just like Russiagate, it’s little more than a hodgepodge of rumors and second-hand gossip being trafficked by the only class of people more deplorable than Trump. What’s worse is that the entire spectacle is so obviously a complete and total farce designed to self-destruct just in time for that other complete and total farce known as the 2020 Election.

The Democrats know full well that this media circus will die on the vine once it reaches the GOP packed Senate, but they also know that it will drive the campaign conversation away from anything mildly resembling the radical change that their loverboys Joe Biden and Mayor Pete have zero intention of delivering on, while keeping the irate electorate distracted by empty partisan shit-slinging. This suits Trump just fine as well. He gets to play the anti-authoritarian martyr that Middle America relates too, even while he robs them blind and sends their sons and daughters to die in a dusty oilfield.


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  1. Generally speaking, I agree. I do have some ‘legal credentials’: I did probably 15,000 hours in a Federal prison law library, doing many kinds of legal research. And contrary to the typical ‘jailhouse lawyer’, who only researches criminal law and appeals law, I chose to also research contract law, tort law, defamation law, anti-trust law (!!!), civil rights law, and many other areas.

    Most, and probably all, of the ‘pro-impeachment’ rhetoric I’ve heard is utter nonsense. Most non-lawyers don’t understand that while yes, the laws are written in English, but with every law is generally a long history of prosecution which defines how far a prosecutor expects to be able to go in making criminal charges. Just because a non-lawyer thinks that a law MIGHT be applicable, that is far from being a valid determination.

    Myself, I see nothing wrong with Trump asking Ukraine to investigate an American-citizen criminal, and if that criminal happens to be Joe Biden, so much the better. I think it’s obvious that Biden’s son didn’t actually earn those $3 million in what was probably close to a ‘no-show’ job, and nobody should be so foolish to think that if Biden Sr hadn’t been Vice President, nevertheless his son would still have gotten that thinly-disguised bribe.

    To me, my main objection to Trump is that he HASN’T prosecuted, convicted, and imprisoned 3-4 dozen of Obama’s and Hitlery’s cronies. Consider James Clapper, who in 2013 lied not only to Congress but also the American people, by falsely claiming that the NSA (?) didn’t keep large amounts of information on American people. Edward Snowden helped expose that lie, with his revelation that contrary to Clapper’s claim, there were huge numbers of records of telephone and email records.

    The limitations period for that lie was probably 5 years, so Clapper could have been prosecuted up to about May 2018, about 1.3 years after Trump got into office. WHY NOT prosecute Clapper? And what about IRS Lois Lerner, who helped stonewall 501(c) filings for years, trying to impede the political advances of the TEA Party Republicans? Why no prosecutions?

    Why no prosecution of Hitlery Clinton, for violation of the Federal Records Act, or the Espionage Act, in regard to her illegally-used private server? (Unlike some others, I don’t see anything wrong with her merely having a private server: The problem was that she decided to use it for government business WITHOUT arranging for its content to be recorded with the National Archives.)

    And, she made an immediate decision in 2009 to not use the email and government-provided server, which means that she did not just “accidently” fall into using her server for government business. She should ALREADY be in prison for most of the rest of her life for that stunt.

    . Why no prosecution of Comey? And many others.

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