American Decline

Are these viable predictions for the future?

-North, Central, and South America will become increasingly integrated into a Schengen-like borderless trade zone.

-US international hegemony will begin to recede due to imperial overstretch with international power increasingly being ceded to transnational institutions.

-Class relations in the US will increasingly resemble the “Third World” (traditional) model, highly stratified and polarized with a small middle class.

-The US will become an ever more diverse society but at the cost of increased domestic conflict.

-Civil unrest caused by increased political, class, and demographic conflict will lead to increased state repression.

-The police state apparatus that was created in the 70s and 80s with the “war on drugs,” the 90s war on crime, and the 2000 war on terrorism, combined with surveillance technology, will be increasingly used for political repression.

-Political divisions will make democratic government virtually impossible leading to de fact executive/administrative dictatorship.

-The emerging ruling class of tech-oligarchs, Wall Street financiers, the “newly rich,” bourgeois bohemians, and “woke capitalism” will increasingly adopt the multicultural/rainbow/diversity framework as its self-legitimating ideology, with a parallel eradication of the cultural framework of the historic WASP culture, e.g. replacing Washington/Jefferson commemorations with icons of civil rights, feminism, gay rights, etc.

-Technological developments will cause further socioeconomic dislocations leading to even wider class divisions.

-Increased incidents of extreme weather will cause additional dislocations and civil unrest leading to further state repression.

This seems to be the way trends are pointing.

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  1. “North, Central, and South America will become increasingly integrated into a Schengen-like borderless trade zone.”

    I was arguing in favor of a Schengen-style agreement for the two American continents just the other day, as a way of beginning to wind down at least the post-1947 US borders nonsense. It wouldn’t address the 1882-1946 idiocy. But it would be a good start.

    Is it likely? For obvious reasons it doesn’t seem likely at the moment. But at some point there’s going to be a post-Trump backlash. I suppose it could go that far.

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