Trump most pro-Israel US president, can’t broker peace in Mideast

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Donald Trump is America’s most pro-Israel president and as such, his administration is not capable of mediating peace in the Middle East, argues an American analyst.

Keith Preston, the Virginia-based director of Attackthesystem.com, made the remarks after Jared Kushner, Trump’s son-in-law and a senior White House adviser, traveled to the Middle East to promote Washington’s so-called “deal of the century,” which seeks to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Media agencies cited a White House official as saying on Tuesday that Kushner was leading a diplomatic delegation to Morocco, Jordan and Israel.

US Middle East special envoy, Jason Greenblatt, was in the delegation accompanying Kushner during the trip.

The official said one reason for this week’s trip is to garner regional leaders’ support for a June 25-26 conference in Manama, Bahrain where the deal is expected to be unveiled.

“The Trump administration has been even more favorable to Israel than American administrations typically are,” Preston told Press TV on Wednesday, calling Trump “the most pro-Israel president” the US has ever had.

He said based solely on this fact Trump is not expected to act as an “honest broker” between Israeli and Palestinians.

He said the Arab states of the Persian Gulf region were also open to warmer ties with Israel and therefore would not do much to help the Palestinian people.

PressTV-Kushner revisits Mideast to push Trump's 'peace' plan

PressTV-Kushner revisits Mideast to push Trump’s ‘peace’ planJared Kushner is leading an envoy in the Middle East to push Trump’s so-called “deal of the century” despite Palestinians objection.

Preston argued that the so-called deal of the century was seeking to establish a “system of reservations” that in many ways was similar to the one that exists in the US today with regards to the indigenous people.

According to Israeli media reports, Kushner’s deal would do away with the Palestinian people’s rights to statehood by offering limited autonomy, several economic incentives and a number of basic rights that have long been taken from them.

“It sounds like what Jerry Kushner wants to do is creating a system of reservations for the Palestinian people where they are essentially a protectorate or subordinates to Israel itself,” he added.

Preston said Kushner had no intention of brokering peace and the deal was rather an attempt to disarm Palestinian resistance groups while establishing a legal image for the Israeli regime’s illegal settlements on the occupied Palestinian lands.

“This is really just a variation of all the so-called peace plans that have been put forward in the past,” Preston continued. “It has nothing to do with creating an autonomous, self-governing Palestinian state as much as it is simply about creating a system of reservations for the Palestinians.”

“So it is unlikely that the Palestinians are going to accept this,” he concluded.

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