Feudalism, Then and Now 1

And California, the home of Sunshine feudalism is the worst.

How “our system” works:

The presidency is an elective monarchy.

The mass corporations are the new feudal manors.

The banks are the new usurer class.

The military are the new indentured servants/mercenaries.

The professions (like doctors and lawyers) are the new monopolistic guilds.

The media and educational system are the new Church.

The “ideas industries” professionals (professors, journalists, PR experts, human resources officers) are the new priesthood.

The police are the new king’s nights.

The prison system is the new slavery.

And everyone else is the new peasants.


One comment

  1. And “sex offenders” (and, to a lesser degree, sex workers) are the new lepers to be ritualistically denied any social status whatsoever and banished from the society.

    And people who defy the mainstream academia and its “consensuses” – from critics of anthropogenic global warming, or safety and efficiacy of vaccines, to antipsychiatrists and parapsychologists – are the new heretics and witches to be publicly denounced and then “burned” (maybe not physically, these days.. but definitely socially and professionally).

    Now the picture of the new feudalism is indeed complete.

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