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Fuck the Border

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

Well, he finally got what he wanted, dearest motherfuckers. That vile crusted jizz rag we call a president has finally managed to manufacture an actual crisis at the border. After months of saber rattling conspiracy theories about secret jihadists and child actors, after years of demonizing people escaping the shitholes that Uncle Sam dug himself in the killing fields of the Northern Triangle, the grand swarms have finally arrived, too great in number for even the Donald’s enemies on the fake news to ignore. Naturally, Trump is playing up this tragedy as vindication for all his racist wolf-crying but the sick reality is that it’s likely largely the result of it. A self-fulfilling doomsday prophecy for the MAGA era.

As Trump and his Mexican counterparts have turned the southern border into a fucking war zone, refugees see the last window closing on their hopes to escape the despotic and corrupt regimes that American taxpayers continue to prop up. If not now than never. So they pool their feeble savings into massive caravans and weather the storm troopers on the American DMZ with their gas and their guns. And the talking heads on my TV set have the nerve to question whether or not these people qualify as refugees. What sane mob of mothers would risk such merciless abuse for their own children unless they literally feared for their lives? So they brave that perilous invisible line drawn in the sand by the crusaders of Manifest Destiny in the razor slim hope that maybe, just maybe, they can escape the hordes of badged barbarians who hunt them down in the desert like animals.

The result of their desperate predicament is prisons packed with children orphaned by our runaway police state. Caged. Traumatized. Violated. Abused in every way imaginable. There exists no moral excuse for torturing children like this. Zero. This is state sanctioned child abuse on an industrial level. The Pope must be green with envy. Thousands of these nameless kids rot in cages like the carcasses of chewed up animals at a war torn zoo. Filthy. Degraded. Dehumanized. Never to be reunited with their mothers, many of whom are undoubtedly getting gang-raped as we speak in our gulag archipelago of privatized black holes. Trump’s solution to this sickening display of human depravity is naturally more human depravity. More guards. More guns. More walls. More barbed wire. Beautiful barbed wire. Beautiful dungeons stuffed with the poorest people in the Western Hemisphere. Beautiful roaming gangs of ill-trained, well payed and role crazy kidnappers cruising elementary schools and cancer wards for a fresh crop of brown prey.


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  1. There is not one single inch of new wall, fence, or barrier of any kind at the border. Only delusional Trump fans and their totally-not-neoliberal-capitalists-shilling-for-cheap-labor anarchist antecedents seem to believe border enforcement is at anything but a nadir.

  2. Hey Folks, put down that Libertarian Kool Aid. It’s a ZERO SUM game. NIMBY TILL THE WHEELS FALL OFF…:-)

  3. That was hilarious, thanks. Nothing emphasizes factual errors like self-righteous hyperventilating.

    Fact is, absent a 100% Propertarian society (along with a robust mutual-self defense society, AKA an “army”), national borders are required or Communists & Socialists will invade and attempt to rule you.

    I’d bet good money (and give odds) that Nicky Reid is either a crypto-Communist, or perhaps even proudly trumpets it.

    Also, the wall’s going up, and John’s right. Suck it Commies!

  4. So a grown man who likes to dress up in women’s clothing is against the state.

    I am sure the military industrial complex is shaking in its jackboots.

  5. I think the wall is an absolute waste of time and money. Migration happens, most plants and animals migrate over time, that’s kinda how societies evolve, Yesterday’s invasive is tomorrow’s native. However, many of the folks who oppose a border wall also oppose a fence around my own private property. So I tend to side ever-so-slightly more with the “pro-wall” people.

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