No One Is More Oppressed Than Children

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Social justice has become such a loaded term in the Twenty-Teens. There was a time when only renegades gave a flying fuck about the disenfranchised. Now its been hijacked, in name only, by the state to justify its own malign existence. This leads to far too many reactionary renegades either embracing the state as a solution to the woes it perpetuates or conversely rejecting social justice out of hand. The sad reality here is that this has left many oppressed people without any legitimate advocacy outside of their own embattled tribes. The Civil Rights Movement has been twisted into a distraction from the very class issues that serve as the source of virtually all forms of bigotry and too many class warriors have written off social justice as a whole as some kind of neoliberal vanity project. But people are still fucked for more reasons than class even if class is the foreplay that makes that fucking possible.

Among so-called Social Justice Warriors, the conversation often devolves into a squabble over who gets fucked worst; The blacks or the browns? The trans of the gays? This bickering rarely serves any justifiable purpose but I’m always perplexed by the fact that no one takes the side of the most obvious winner of this dubious distinction. Across the globe, without exception, the most roundly fucked class of people on the planet are children and if that sentence makes you uncomfortable then that’s a start. The fact that this obvious truth is still a total mystery to even the most obsessive compulsive SJW’s only further proves the point. But really think about it, dearest motherfuckers.

Even here in the supposed civil rights bacchanalia of the West, children are afforded all the rights of pets. They are essentially the property of their adult guardians or even worse, the state, if they see fit to interfere in the oppression process. If you are beneath the sacred age of eighteen in this country, you can’t vote, you can’t own property, you can’t work, and you have absolutely zero say in your living situation. The oppression begins at birth with the glorified genital mutilation of circumcision and, even worse, the painful and invasive surgery that defines intersex children’s physical sex before they can even speak. Children are routinely conditioned to be well behaved cattle, to be seen but not heard. They are instructed to obey adults without question and do as they’re told. Is it any wonder that children are the number one victims of abuse in this country with the lion share of the abuse being dolled out by the very authority figures they’re groomed to obey; Parents, cops, teachers, priests.


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  1. Wonderfully said, Comrade!

    Have your ever read the works of John Holt? If not, do it – you’ll find a lot to agree with!

  2. Yes! I’m probably the least ageist person you’ll ever meet, but I can’t help but discriminate against my fellow adults. I’ve always been that “bad influence” who would encourage my friends to absolutely disrespect their own parents. As I grew older, I did indeed mature, but I’ll never respect adults for simply being adults. And I’ll especially never respect parents simply for being parents.

    For those of you who may be worried about my potential children, rest assured that I refuse to ever bear a child. Precisely because of how oppressed children really are. The world wasn’t always this way; for hundreds of thousands of years, when our population was much smaller, all humans and other animals were free from oppression as physically possible. Sure we died younger, but we lived fuller lives. This world currently isn’t safe for children. Only deceptively safe, which is the worst danger of all.

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