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Neither Open nor Closed but Decentralized Borders: The Revolutionary Potential of Illegal Immigrants

An immensely important essay given the current controversies.

“It seems as if the time has come to abandon terms like open and closed borders in favor of decentralized borders. We imagine a free society with decentralized borders would consist of a mixture of open borders, closed borders, public property, private property and unowned land. We believe a network of competing public and private spaces which allow for freedom of movement is most consistent with the sovereignty of the individual.”

By Derrick Broze and John Vibes

Activist Post

By Derrick Broze & John Vibes

The following essay is chapter 10 from the upcoming Manifesto of the Free Humans, book 3 of The Conscious Resistance series, from Derrick Broze and John Vibes. The book will be released for purchase and free download on April 7, 2017.

We are going to take a look at one more area of conflict among students of radical political philosophy. After examining differences of opinion on property and the environment we believe it is essential to discuss the arguments around borders and immigration. We start by considering several key questions. What would migration look like in the absence of the State? How does a society’s view on property affect the view of immigration? Would there still be a class of people known as “illegals”?


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  1. It’s awesome that you started putting Derrick Broze’s awesome stuff on your site. High five, Keith. I actually follow Derrick Broze on Alternative Social Media platforms like Minds and MeWe, & I’d love to invite him to join me on an AWESOME open source decentralised Twitter clone called Mastodon. I wish you’re on those ALT social media platforms. Have you thought about doing videos, and putting them on Peer to Peer video sharing platforms like Bitchute and Peertube? Just so you know that there’s a Bitchute channel for National Anarchism

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