Unraveling Political Theory – Who Bears The Burden Of Responsibility In The 21st Century?

In episode 16 of Unraveling Political Theory, Tim and Keith will be discussing the burden of responsibility and asking with whom the responsibility should lie in the 21st century. To understand the world of politics and change it for the better, it’s paramount that people begin to study political theory and the ways in which it has manifest throughout history up into the present day. By bringing light to the origins of political and philosophical thought, the present day becomes all the more explainable because one is now able to see the logical progression of such manifestations.

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  1. Here is a much shorter, much more accurate answer to the question posed.


    Maybe Keith said that. Even if he didn’t, I’m doubt he would fully disagree with that. I have not watched this video, and will not waste precious time on the likes of Bryant, who have strong progressive sympathies and a conspiratorial, “anti-war” worldview.

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