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  1. I wish David Friedman would acknowledge that I described the solution to his “Hard Problem” stated in his 1973 book, The Machinery of Freedom.
    See my essay, “Assassination Politics”. https://cryptome.org/ap.htm
    He did a good job stating the problem; I did a good job stating the solution.

    • Hello, Jim Bell. I hope to see more from you.

      You once wrote that you were working on a technological project that resembled the alien tech in “The Day the Earth Stood Still.” Did anything ever come of that?


      • Uh, no. I determined it was…impractical.

        But I proposed, early this year, an idea where the Federal Criminal Justice system would get nearly shut down. They convict perhaps 70,000 defendants each year, but having only about 2,500 criminal trials. They do this by threatening to give defendants far longer sentences than are reasonable, and offer deals for what they consider more “reasonable” sentences.
        I figured out that if each defendant were offered an amount, for example $3000, if he demanded and received a criminal trial. If we assume that the Feds only have the wherewithal to put on, say, 4,000 trials per year, then a payment of about $12 million would be the maximum needed. If everyone else refused to take a deal, and demanded a trial, the maximum they could convict would be those 4,000.

        • Of any domestic issue in the United States, I would say the fight against the “criminal justice system” (police state, prison-industrial complex) and legal cartel) is the most important for anarchists. In fact, I would favor the kinds of mob action against these “institutions” that leftist currently use against worthless targets such as the Alt-Right/Lite, “conservative” campus speakers, Donald Trump, rival leftists, etc. Rioting and mob action have their place, but only when the targets are appropriate and worthwhile. The goal should be to abolish the “criminal justice system” and replace it with a libertarian common law system.

          • See my comment Dec 22, 2018, above. Does that sound like it would ‘work’, to you? Offering about $3000 to each Federal criminal defendant if he demands, and receives, a criminal trial. Since the maximum number of trials the Feds could put on would probably not exceed 4000, then for an expenditure of about $12 million the number of defendants they could convict would drop from today’s 70,000 to little more than 4,000.
            This, I believe, would empty out 90% of the prison population. Most Federal prisons would have to be closed.

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