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The Trouble With White Guilt

By Nicky Reid aka Comrade Hermit

Exile in Happy Valley

White Guilt is a very serious affliction in this country. Its symptoms include cultural appropriation, political correctness, and obsessive NPR consumption. Fall is peak White Guilt season, wedged between our country’s most cherished celebrations of genocide, Columbus Day and Thanksgiving. A common misconception is that White Guilt is a mental illness. While it can cause delusions in more severe cases, White Guilt is actually a completely natural response to conspicuous consumption, particularly when this addiction to material garbage is built on an ancient Indian burial ground.

Lets face it people, like it or not, this country’s grotesque surplus of wealth would be scientifically impossible without a veritable banquet of holocausts spanning three continents and the entire Western Hemisphere. Scores of tribes in North and South America and Africa were reduced to cinder to create a level of concentrated wealth in Western Europe and its bastard breakaway states that is downright unnatural and white people on both sides of the Atlantic continue to enjoy the luxuries that this legacy of brutality provides us. Luxuries like slowly murdering ourselves with trans fats while others starve and declaring it a holiday. So if you’re white, you probably should feel a little bit guilty. Our ancestors did some dicked up shit, even mine. Though they may have came to this country as white niggers escaping their own holocaust on potato boats, my Irish Catholic kin still earned their right to whiteness by whooping on school buses full of black kids as good as any Catholic bashing WASP could.

So we’ve zeroed in on the cause of white guilt, now how about the cure if there even is one? The prescription currently preferred by most milquetoast, limp-wristed, liberal, sweater vest jockies is some form of charity. Whether this means cutting checks to the Southern Poverty Law Center or voting for extravagant welfare state packages, honkies seem convinced that they can buy their way out of rape like Kobe fucking Bryant. This doesn’t work. However well intentioned, forking over fists full of cash to poor people does nothing but make them dependent on the same kind of hierarchy that imprisoned them in the first place. Africa doesn’t need food, they need farms that aren’t owned by Monsanto and more than anything they need the bloodsucking monkey of Western Imperialism off their fucking back. So unless you can give them debt forgiveness save your money.


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  1. This is an important article because the “identity” related issues are currently the most divisive and controversial, and the ones that will most likely be the most difficult to build effective resistance in the future.

    The future USA will likely be a system where there is a Latin American-like class system, with the super elite, an upper middle class of executives, professionals and technocratic lackeys, a hollowed out middle class, and masses of lumpenproles and reproletarianized formerly working to middle class people. As even Tucker Carlson has pointed, the traditional American middle class is now a minority.

    There will not be a cultural majority in the traditional WASPish sense either. White Christians are now a minority, and whites generally will eventually be a minority. In the future, the USA will be a collection of ethnic, religious, gender, political, cultural, subcultural, youth cultural, and socioeconomic minorities that are bound together only by living in the same geographical entity and being ruled by the same government. The US Empire will likely continue to recede, but in a way that merely involves a transfer of power to global capitalist institutions, and rival geopolitical power blocks (like the BRIICS).

    The US ruling class will increasingly be dominated by the alliance of the techno-oligarchs and “new clerisy” who will have the police state they have inherited from their predecessors as well as unprecedented surveillance technology under their control.

    A society that is fragmented into a collective of many, many tribes can be dominated by the state through the usual “divide and conquer” means, but in a way that is perpetually unstable.

    “Huey’s dream of an America of a thousand flags even if a few of them are emblazoned on the back of pick-up trucks” would seem to be about right if there is going to be any kind of resistance to all of this.

    • Your “hollowed out middle class” thing reminds me of a little anecdote I’ve been wanting to share, but just haven’t found a good time or place….Better now than never! May be irrelevant, but whatever.

      My husband and I currently live with his mother, in a midwestern town I don’t feel like naming. A smoky, dusty, worn-down exurb that we proudly-ish call our hometown. During the recent midterm campaigning, there was a certain Democratic candidate who went door-to-door speaking with people face-to-face. One day, I had the luxury (NOT) of answering the door to this candidate. But that incident isn’t the particular anecdote I’m referring to.

      This candidate is known for supporting certain other politicians who’ve suggested laws and taxes I don’t really like, although they supposedly never suggested these things. Not that it really matters. Point is, she particular candidate who advertised herself as being “knowing her community” or some other uppity shit sent out a petition against a tax she herself supported, because this tax would hurt the middle class. That’s what the petition specifically said: this tax would hurt the middle class.

      Here’s the kicker: our household is well below the poverty line. We are certainly not middle class, nor are most folks in my town. So much for knowing her community, huh? Again, I’m not sure if this story is relevant to the discussion, but it goes to show just how much these politicians really talk out their ass. Absolutely tickled me.

  2. A few thoughts….

    1: Race is totally a thing. Just how sex is totally a thing, how there is feminine and masculine, there is also genetic variance in our coloring. That said, these things are much too fluid for such labels as “black” and “white” to divide us. The state fucks us all.

    2: Racism is a thing, just as sexism is a thing. However, these ain’t just artificial constructs created by the state or the media; they are natural psychosocial mechanisms that serve an evolutionary purpose. Maybe we don’t like it or understand it, but even that despair and misunderstanding serves a purpose in this unfolding story of Life On Earth. Does that mean we have to be assholes about it? No, but we will. And yet the state will fall anyway.

    3: This whole situation is so much bigger than our little human brains will ever realize. Populations boom and bust, economies boom and bust, while empires rise and fall. Over and over again. Different races move around, mix together, and split apart, until we evolve into a new species who may repeat the whole cycle. Over and over again. Tis how the ecosystem works, whether we like it or not.

    4: The elite are not immune to this. They just think they are. But their desire and ability to manipulate the exhausted majority results from the same natural forces responsible for race riots, resource wars, and a myriad other issues. Just look at the wildfires in California, burning the homes of rich and poor alike. I honestly pity the rich. But alas, they threaten my family, whether it be intentional or not.

    All in all, another good article. We all have a role to play in this bloody chapter of Life On Earth. Hell, they all be bloody. The best we can do is pick our battles wisely. Personally, I feel a calling to live out in the woods like a semi-domesticated animal, watching the world burn until the power goes out. And of course, I’ll oppose the industries developing chemical weapons and surveillance technology. Very carefully.

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