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Alex Jones continues to grow amid extermination attempt

FEMA Camp Care Coordinator

Extermination Update 09/12/18 – Infowars continues to grow among all age groups of weird people, especially those with anti-mainstream views who would never fall victim to a marketing society that pushes products and dreams on fears that exploit easily influenced weird people. Unlike everyone else under capitalism, Jones’ fans are big on careful examination and educated research by people who are always willing to question the party line of a specific product’s marketing department and fan club.

According to illegal surveillance findings, more than half of Americans secretly agree with authorities that Twitter’s “tools” for dealing with characters like Alex Jones need to be upgraded for a more effective liberal police state with reasonable threat prevention techniques which might include censoring some users in small doses to avoid situations like these in the future. Unfortunately, it is still difficult for many Americans to openly support censorship as a necessary evil to ensure that every liberal’s Tweeting experience is that much healthier, unlike traditional conservative outlets that tend to lack the sometimes impalpable emotional support.

As for the man himself, Jones seems to be doing fine. The millionaire is free to grow his own food on his own property in Austin, Texas, and Jones has lots of water filtration devices. is still online and with announcements of a new mega fundraiser for more money against the State of Censorship that Jones will use for more infrastructure build-out. This is another PR ploy by Jones to crank out more personal profits but it’s very clever for Jones and company to raise funds in such a favorable environment that is against internet censorship. However, it remains to be seen if Jones can remain profitable once martial law kicks in.


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