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The New Art Right: A New Reaction for 2018

A new book from Rachel Haywire. Available at Amazon.Com

The New Art Right: A New Reaction for 2018, takes us back to a time before the woeful dominion of contemporary politics – a time when art served as the impetus to drive political forces, not the vulgarity of the masses nor banal populism. It also points toward possible futures, such as transhumanism, and higher forms of humanity.

The New Art Right is not just a second edition of The New Reaction, it is the culmination and the final refinement of Haywire’s thought. The New Art Right sets itself squarely against the vulgarity of modern America, a place where both the Right and Left have devolved to into a state of perpetual squables and a race to the bottom. Haywire savages the bourgeois Left and the Right with equal disdain, often in the form of satire and sardonic wit.

The New Art Right, however, does not take us into the ‘safe’ realms of art. Instead, it leads one on a dark journey, through the underworld towards the enlightenment of Dark Bohemia. Along the wayside, Haywire attacks both the intellectual inadequacies of the feminist Left and the patriarchal Right, leaving no ‘safe spaces’ left behind.

Haywire does not draw her philosophy from within the isolation of the ivory towers of academia, her wisdom is one of the real world, and she takes inspiration from her vast experiences in music, art, and American counter-culture.

Rachel Haywire is also the author of Acidexia.

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