Pan-Anarchy Manifesto

Apparently, some ATS folks have been doing some time travel back to 100 years ago.

By A.L Gordin and V.L. Gordin


Pan-anarchy literally means all-embracing anarchy, ‘pan’ being ‘all’ in Greek. Pan-anarchy is a comprehensive and articulate anarchy. Aside from the ideal of no government, or anarchy proper, it entails four other ideals, namely:
communism, with its ‘everything belongs to everybody’;
pedism, or the liberation of children and youth from the vice of servile education;
cosmism (national-cosmopolitanism), the total emancipation of oppressed nationalities; and, finally,
gyneantropism, that is, the emancipation and humanization of women.

Taken together, these five ideals fall under the general heading of ‘pan-anarchy’. Pan-anarchy implies a synthesis (unification) of all the principal social ideals, actions and aspirations aiming towards a basic overthrow and reconstruction of all society – the economy, the family, the school, international relations and the institutions of government.

In the economic sphere pan-anarchy entails the replacement of capitalism by communism, the abolition of private property in land, means of production and consumer goods. In the family it means the replacement of polygamy and the traffic in women by genuine love between individual man and woman, as well as the end of male domination of the family and of life as a whole, both in fact and in law, the free participation of women in all branches of labour and art and their equal enjoyment of all the benefits of society. In the school it means the replacement of present-day book learning, which indoctrinates our children and youth with religious and scientific prejudices, by a practical education in technical crafts which will be useful in everyday life and which will afford them freedom, self-reliance and the ability to create things by themselves with originality and independence of mind.

It also means that the existing territorial system, with its fatherlands and state frontiers and national and private territorial ownership, will be replaced by a national-cosmopolitan order in which there are neither fatherlands nor frontiers but only free unions of free peoples to whom the whole earth belongs in common. ‘The whole earth to all humanity’ – such is the motto of pan-anarchy, as opposed to the territorialism and imperialism of predatory nations which declare that ‘the whole earth is mine’.


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  1. Interesting piece. Reposted. At present, I think our focus needs to be on three things:

    1. Building an audience, and doing so outside the conventional “political fringe” milieus. Instead, we need to practice “anarcho-tabloidism,” in the sense of using relatively low brown journalism to reach a mass audience from the mainstream society.

    2. Positioning ourselves at the “revolutionary center,” i.e. the radical but reasonable alternative for those who are anti-establishment but disdain both the far right and far left.

    3. Promoting anarcho-pluralism/pan-anarchism as an umbrella movement for all anti-authoritarian philosophies,ideologies, organizations, tendencies, issues, strategies, etc. while recognizing that there will always be sectarians who don’t want to play, and who will have to remain on the sidelines.

    • The main objection I have to that piece is (1) just like the civil war any home grown insurgency will galvanize the people behind the feds and the tough strategic hamlet strategy would be used ruthlessly and (2) anarchists, communists and radical leftists will be immediately labeled as cooks and freaks. Thirdly I guess the commies always piss everyone off even the neutrals so unless they go full Lenin they will lose like in Chile, Spain and Germany.

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