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Gallup Shows How Much Americans Really Care About The “Situation With Russia”

When the ruling class tries to work up hysteria over bullshit, and the people don’t buy it or don’t care, that’s a sign the elite have lost or are losing their legitimacy.

“Gallup recently did a poll of what Americans say is the most important problem facing the country. One finding: the percentage of Americans saying “Situation with Russia” is the most important problem is literally too small to represent with a number. ”

Zero Hedge

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  1. Out of curiosity, are there any polls or other studies about….how honestly people answer these polls? Or who exactly answers these polls? I know I sure don’t. Why? Because honestly, it doesn’t make a difference. Being an activist just puts a target on your head.

    My concerns today:

    Bodily autonomy, personal liberty, and freedom of expression being stripped away in the name of “protecting” these things — Seriously, why is free speech not a concern in this poll? Did I miss it?

    Healthcare — Or rather, FORCED healthcare; this should NOT be a thing. No quarantines ever, no vaccination requirements, no involuntary mental health treatment, and no mandatory health insurance.

    War — Killing is a natural process, just like eating or shitting. But if there is war, my husband may be drafted and sent overseas, which I do NOT want. Nor do you. I believe that every individual should be trained in self-defense from early childhood, but I do NOT support a standing army or any mandatory military service.

    Sexism — Not misogyny, but misandry. Sexism against men. I just watched a YouTube video of some drunk disrespectful bitch cheating on her husband in HIS home, yelling at the cops in slurred speech while ALL men involved remained respectful of each other, but then the cop booted out the home-owning husband so his wife could fuck another man in his bed. Drunk woman initiates a domestic dispute, innocent man gets punished by sexist law enforcement. I’m afraid my own husband will go to prison someday for something stupid I do!

    Guns — Not a big concern, because there are other weapons out there. But while the police and military are a privileged class, allowed a right to self-defense that us “ordinary citizens” are denied, I want my own guns too. And national stand-your-ground laws.

    Advancement of technology — If there weren’t guns, I wouldn’t want a gun. If there weren’t so many security cameras, I wouldn’t want my own security cameras. If there wasn’t internet of social media, maybe I could find more like-minded individuals in my own town. You get my point? If I say I “hate” technology, not only am I a hypocrite for using a tablet to post this on a blog, but I’m failing to see that technology is on a spectrum. Knives, hammers, and shovels are all technology; I like these things. I do NOT like Facebook or in vitro fertilization.

    The next US Presidential election — I’m not a Trump supporter by any means, but I’m way more afraid of the left-wing backlash potentially stripping away more bodily autonomy. I’d rather have Demon Kane than a Democrat for president!

    Environment — Defending our natural habitat, this beautiful planet Earth, is certainly a noble goal. On the surface. But when you really consider just how tiny us humans are in comparison to the awesome forces of nature, you realize that we really don’t NEED to protect the environment FROM ourselves. Nor can we. Rather, we want to protect the environment FOR ourselves.

    No matter how badly we polluted or pockmark this planet, it will still be more livable than Venus or Mars. Life on Earth has always found a way. But it might not be livable for US, our particular species, the plants we’re used to eating, or those cute-but-deadly polar bears we like to look at but not touch. Instead of letting organisms either die or adapt to pollution and climate change, we conserve the genetic lineages WE like in seed banks and manipulate genes to serve OUR wishes. Just like viruses have done for eons.

    Poor leadership and corporate corruption — Governments and corporations are ran by humans. And computer systems, which were still designed by humans. Humans are just another animal, with animal needs, wants, and instincts. The money-grubbing politicians and corporate executives are just humans acting on the instinct to acquire resources. Neither good nor bad, but with enough power to affect the lives of millions. This is a problem that will only grow as the human population grows.

    Family decline and children’s behavior — Again, this is a largely unfixable problem. Rodent and primate populations just self-destruct when they get too crowded. Females become aggressive, trampling each other, chasing away males, killing or abandoning their offspring. Males become more passive, hiding away in the shadows until they snap. Each generation growing more dysfunctional until they kill themselves off.

    • Human populations have gone through malthusian cycles before. The diffirence in the modern context to these is that relatively unfettered immigration without a corresponding territorial conflict to retain relative homogeneity (peripheral zones always exist, but having a continent of pseudo-periphery is a recipe for total war) populations are entering unknown territory. Never before the 21st century has a population permitted the peaceful immigration of a 50%+ their own population number in a generation. It always produces war and will likely produce total war in the west unless liberalism is sufficiently weakened that the floodgates are shut and a significant number of incongruent phenotypes can be given their own homogenous zones to inhabit.

      The great downside in all this is that some tribes are still neolithic in their biology and will simply do as you suggest: breed until they reach a hard limit and destroy everything around them, eg. South Africa and Zimbabwe.

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