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What Mainstream Media Won’t Tell You About NATO’s StratCom

This includes an audio clip of an interview with yours truly.

Sputnik News

The Strategic Communications Center of Excellence, or StratCom, was established in 2014 as a response to Western governments’ concerns over supposed Russian propaganda in Eastern Europe. The center insists that it is countering Moscow’s alleged disinformation campaign, but is that really the case?


StratCom was set up to improve strategic communications within NATO, with seven states, Estonia, Germany, Italy, Latvia, Lithuania, Poland and the UK, signing memorandums of understanding. The facility, which distances itself from the alliance’s command structure, is supposed to provide information on specific issues through various channels, including media outlets, social media, etc., to increase the bloc’s capabilities and build public awareness.

Mainstream media have on numerous occasions contributed to StratCom’s “building awareness,” mainly highlighting its mission to counter the so-called Russian disinformation campaign in Europe. It appears that the entity regards Russia’s actions as a hybrid war, citing some “blatant” cases in the Baltics and Poland, where Russia has purportedly weaponized social media in order to promote the Kremlin’s interests and portray itself in a more positive light compared to the “rotten” West.


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