An Omnidirectional Approach to Anti-Authoritarianism

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“Certitude belongs exclusively to those who only own one encyclopedia.” ― Robert Anton Wilson 

I can think of no better term to describe my political philosophy than anti-authoritarian. That simple term encapsulates my most consistently held beliefs concerning the nature of relations between individual, society and state. That I above all oppose authoritarian policies, aggressions and values is the firm bedrock from which I evaluate any and all action. That I favor liberty over tyranny is an absolute principle.

There are many factions of formal and loose-knit tribes of anti-authoritarians. I sympathize in varying degrees with all of them. On the other hand, I have found that the very moment I’ve identified myself with a specific subset of anti-authoritarianism, I begin talking myself out of such a commitment.

The reason for this has to do with what Robert Anton Wilson described as “omnidirectional reading.” His practice was to read philosophies across the spectrum and even diametrically opposed to each other. This method of information gathering allows for greater ability to relate to some but not all of many competing perspectives. He did this to prevent becoming trapped in what he called a “reality tunnel.” All ideologies for the most part demand a certain conformity or total commitment to its doctrines. It’s that conformity that I’ve never been able to square, because I’ve never found a perfect system of ideology that answered every concern to my total satisfaction.

Being simply an anti-authoritarian allows me freedom to support all measures and means of opposing tyranny and violence without having to “compromise my ideology.” At the moment, I’m perfectly at peace with throwing me support behind 3rd parties when their efforts overlap with issues that matter to me. Whether that party happens to be Pirate, Green or Libertarian presents no barrier to my spreading their message when it agrees with my values. Being outsiders and underdogs working outside of the corruption of the Washington elite apparatus, I see them as defensive educational platforms. They don’t have the power to enact violence the way that the Democrats or Republicans can. They are strictly agitators throwing rocks at the empire.

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