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Democrats Should Blame Themselves, Not the Russians, for Trump’s Election: Keith Preston Interviewed by C-Realm Radio

Listen here.

A C-Realm listener commented that some of “the denizens of various C-Realm-adjacent parts of cyberspace” aren’t much impressed with the narrative that Russian interference in the 2016 election put Donald Trump in the White House. KMO isn’t remotely impressed by this narrative, nor is this week’s guest, Keith Preston of Attack the System. By fixating on the notion that Clinton would have won had it not been for those meddling Rooskies, DNC partisans remain blind to the fact that their party has very little to offer the people on the losing end of wealth and class polarization. Later, KMO explains why he is making a deliberate effort to disengage from the madness that is Facebook.

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  1. On the contrary. The democratic party has a wealth of resources to offer many of its constituent groups. Citizenship for migrants, expropriation, affirmative action, and set-asides for all non-white non-males. Economic benefits accrue to all those who support the neoliberal regime. Social ostracism rains down on those who do not.

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