Libertarian Organization Fires Student After Resisting Leftist Bias

Todd Lewis recently told me that a libertarian society might well be an actual civil war between the “fascist” Hoppean militia, the “communist” C4SS militia, with the centrist Walter Blockian milita began attacked by both sides as a traitor for collaborating with the enemy. I suspect Todd is probably correct. Eventually, an anarcho-Lucky Luciano would  have to step in, create an anarcho-Commission, and put end to the nonsense by carving out different territories for warring factions.

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On Wednesday, December 6th, 2017, Students for Liberty fired Noah Mickel, a student activist, and a campus coordinator for SFL since Mr. Mickel graduated high school (Correction: “since Mr. Mickel completed his first year in college”). The official reason for this firing is “violating the respectful communication policy,” but there is ample reason to doubt this justification.

To start, Mr. Mickel is a right-libertarian who unapologetically supports libertarian theorist Hans-Hermann Hoppe, whose works Students for Liberty has banned at their events. Mr. Mickel wasn’t exactly quiet about his views, and he has caused other SFL staff members to engage in what many would call disrespectful communication. Take the example of SFL’s Academic Programs Senior Chair, who went off on a Twitter tirade against Mr. Mickel, myself, and five other libertarian students (three of whom are recently resigned SFL Campus Coordinators) because they took a picture with Dr. Hoppe. See the thread here. But perhaps here is my favorite response from this major figure in Students for Liberty. You tell me if this is “respectful communication.”


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  1. “Mr. Mickel is a right-libertarian who unapologetically supports [authoritarian Marxist] Hans-Hermann Hoppe”

    Fixed. The former descriptor is incompatible with the latter action.

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