The Democrats Are The Prototypical Statist Party

Aleksey Bashtavenko

Academic Composition

I am noticing that this kind of a thing happens only in liberal states. This is where the government is trying to prevent citizens from doing charitable work as a way of creating demand for the inefficient welfare services.

The Democratic Party is categorically opposed to solving any social problems because this will prevent them from handing out sinecure jobs to their political cronies who want to manage the publicly funded social services.

Moreover, if any progress is to be made in the resolution of the problem of homelessness, it will no longer be possible for the leftist elites to engage in relentless virtue signaling. Without that activity, they will not be able to corroborate their “holier than thou” mantra.

It is not a coincidence that the areas with the highest levels of homelessness are located in the predominantly liberal cities such as San Francisco, L.A, New York City, Chicago, and Detroit.

Today’s political liberalism has nothing to do with achieving any kind of “progress”. Instead, it is exactly the opposite: maintaining the status quo in the interest of preserving the power-structure that benefits the Democratic Party politicians and their cronies.

-For example, the Democratic Party is for stringent “intellectual property laws” that prevent brilliant young innovators from challenging the market-share of Google, Microsoft, Facebook and other giants of the virtual age economy who are staunch supporters of the Democrats. They justify this by claiming they support companies whose executives ‘care’ about the LGBT alphabet soup and a sundry of other ‘progressive’ causes.

-The Democratic Party continues to flood the academic market with student loans that routinely drive up the tuition rates. They justify this by virtue engaging in virtue signaling to the effect of “college is great for everyone”. The Democratic Party also supports the media campaign to promote their allies in the Ivory Tower and by doing so, they discourage youngsters from pursuing lucrative trades that do not require formal education. For example, instead of attending boot-camps for software development or learning lucrative blue-collar trades, more students are majoring in Social Justice “studies” which leave them with very limited employment prospects. Of course, the left will claim that any price is worth paying in the name of creating a more “egalitarian, socially just and a fair” society where there is no “racism, sexism, homophobia, etc”. In so doing, they create an enormous mismatch between supply and demand in the academic racket, which liberates universities from incentives to provide students with quality education. In light of this, employers should not be surprised at the precipitous decline in the intellectual and professional ability of the new graduates.

-The Democratic Party supports the cabal of pharmaceutical, medical and insurance corporations by creating a similar mismatch between supply and demand there. Obamacare is the case in point and this is very similar to the effect the Democrats had on the education racket. No-one should be surprised that insurance plans now come with higher deductibles, less coverage for various important medical services and much higher monthly premiums. Again, this is very similar to how universities charge higher tuition, expect less from their students and feel little to no obligation to equip them with the skills they’d need in order to start their careers.

-The Democratic Party supports virtue signaling schemes of environmental nature by standing behind the Paris Climate Agreement, which amounts to little more than corporate greenwashing. This is merely an opportunity for leftist politicians and their corporate allies to boast about how “environmentally conscious” they are, yet there is no evidence that their charades solved a single environmental problem. Similarly, the Deep Water Horizon Oil-spill is widely regarded as an example of regulatory capture or an instance of government regulations that were written by corporate lobbyists who served the interests of their companies rather than that of society. Likewise, the Democrats have bought into various environmental regulatory schemes that directly benefit Goldman Sachs.

The evidence is incontrovertible: anyone who thinks that the Democrats stand for any kind of social progress is either a fool or a charlatan, perhaps both.

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