Keith Preston: Trump’s presidency has galvanized Democrats

Press TV. Listen here.

US President Donald Trump’s election victory has galvanized the US Democratic Party, resulting in recent Republican defeats in gubernatorial and mayoral elections, according to an American analyst.

Despite enjoying direct support from Trump, Republican contenders this week lost three major head to head battles with their Democratic rivals in the gubernatorial and mayoral elections of New York, New Jersey and Virginia.

Trump put much effort into getting Republican Ed Gillespie elected as Virginia’s next governor but his hopes were crushed after Ralph Northam, the Democratic nominee, emerged as the winner in the Tuesday vote.

The other major defeat for the Trump camp on Tuesday happened in New York City, where Democrat Bill de Blasio was comfortably re-elected as the mayor of Trump’s hometown.

Elaborating on Northam’s win over his Republican rival in Virginia, Keith Preston chief editor of AttacktheSystem.com, told Press TV that two trends have influenced the outcome of the race. The first is the general backlash against Trump’s presidency that has galvanized progressive political forces. The second is the changing demographics of the region in favor of immigrants and multi-culturalism.

Preston said that although Trump’s presidential victory was a shock to many, Democrats were in an overall superior position compared to their conservative rivals, and therefore the gubernatorial victories of Democrats would carry on and influence future elections in favor of Democrats.

“What happened in this particular election is a backlash against the Donald Trump election last year,” Preston said.

“The Democrats and Democratic Party voters were particularly galvanized to get out the vote and try to win as many seats as possible,” he added.  

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  1. Keith,

    Loved your post-election analysis of Trump last year but this doesn’t seem right. NYC is a one-party town and De Blasio was going to win unless, as LBJ said, he was caught in bed with a dead woman or a live boy; only 20% bothered to turn out. And Gillespie barely tolerated Trump until he became desperate; he’s clearly a RINO trying to appeal to the Blue electorate.

    • Well, it’s difficult to give a detailed analysis in the space of a few minutes of off-the-cuff interview. The point I was trying to make is that a backlash against Trump’s election from the liberal/left side of the spectrum is apparent in the sense of motivating Democrats to pull out all the stops. They got blindsided by Trump and don’t want it to happen again. But the big issue is demographics. I live in Virginia and that was my main focus. Demographic change is moving what was once one of the most conservative states in the country leftward. Election turnout in Virginia was the highest it’s been in 20 years, and I suspect this is an indication of what will come in 2018 and 2020. Not only will there be a backlash against Trump, but the demographic, cultural, and generational change in the nation will keep pushing things leftward.

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