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Keith Preston: Trump’s immigration policies used against non-allied nations

Press TV. Listen here.

US President Donald Trump’s immigration policies are used a “political weapon” against nations that are not allies of the United States, according to an American analyst.

Trump said Wednesday he would renew efforts to terminate a particular immigration program known as the ‘Diversity Immigrant Visa’ program, also known as the green card lottery, following Tuesday’s terrorist attack in New York City.

“I am starting the process of terminating the diversity lottery program,” Trump angrily told reporters before a cabinet meeting at the White House.

“We have to do what’s right to protect our citizens,” he said. “We will get rid of this lottery program as soon as possible.”

The program awards US permanent resident visas to around 50,000 applicants from around the world each year, opening the door as well for members of their broader families to follow them, so-called chain migration.

“Trump has come out and claimed that we need to eliminate the diversity lottery as far as visas are concerned. What he means by that is that he wants to eliminate immigration into the United States by persons from predominately Islamic nations,” said Keith Preston, chief editor of

“The Trump administration’s effort to curb immigration from Islamic nations is largely a prop that is used as a political weapon against nations that are simply not allies of the United States; that’s the real issue,” Preston told Press TV on Wednesday.

“It’s not about Islam; it is not about terrorism; it is not about immigration. This is a geo-political weapon, a rhetorical weapon on one hand but a geo-political weapon on another hand; the way he is taking action against nations and these populations of nations that are not aligned with the United States,” Preston said.

“For example the hijackers in New York in September 11, 2001; those individuals were from Saudi Arabia, yet there has been no effort by the Trump administration to curb immigration from Saudi Arabia,” he noted.

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