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Has the “Alt-Right” Met Its Gettysburg?

Poor Spencer Sunshine need not have worried. The Alt-Right ended up self-destructing largely on its own initiative. When I became involved in the Alt-Right during its initial phase, it was a high brow neo-Nietzschean movement influenced by European conservatives such as Ernst Junger, Carl Schmitt, and Alain De Benoist. At the time, I was hoping the Alt-Right would move in the direction of something like ATS or National-Anarchism. However, things went in precisely the opposite direction, and the Alt-Right eventually drifted into reactionary 1920s style white nationalism, then into Alex Jones-like cartoonish behavior, then into Trumpism, and finally into neo-Nazism. Charlottesville was the worst possible publicity stunt the Alt-Right could have staged, i.e. failure on all counts. R.I.P., Alt-Right. Death by suicide.

By Spencer Sunshine


Counter-protesters gather in Charlottesville, Virginia on August 11, 2017.


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  1. Spencer Sunshine is a Zionist shill associated with Political Research Associates, formerly headed by Chip Berlet, leader of efforts to prevent the left from learning the truth about the Kennedy assassinations, 9/11, and other Deep State events.

    • To be clear, I am not a friend or fan of Spencer Sunshine. He has attacked us repeatedly, and I have criticized him as well. I post his stuff here from time to time in order to get as broad a perspective on certain things as possible.

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