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NYC Anti-Sharia Rally – Daryle Lamont Jenkins, A Conversation (June 10th, 2017)

Anti-Sharia Rally at Foley Square
New York City
June 10th, 2017

On June 10th, 2017 while in New York City, I had an opportunity to encounter Daryle Lamont Jenkins (One People’s Project) who is a known prominent individual involved with the Anti-Fascist Action (Antifa) movement. This would be the first time I would encounter Daryle Lamont Jenkins in person after 4 years of encountering his written articles which have vastly mischaracterized myself and several others. His articles have led Antifa and those allied with Antifa to engage in physical violence against me and others as well as harmed relationships with certain friends and family.

Although this video starts off with a high tension hostile encounter between both of us, despite the negative beginnings the dialogue eventually leads to a positive civil conversation between the both of us for well over an hour’s worth of time. This video would be best described as an interview, discussion, debate and confrontation all combined as one encounter and hopefully in the future there will be many more videos of civil dialogue.

The purposes of this video is to examine the full uncut dialogue exchange between ourselves where it is fair to both of us. The other purpose is to explore and examine areas of disagreement and common ground agreement and to present a more human view of things.

Because this video is the raw uncut video footage of our exchange there are some things that I could have said much better and I will clarify below.

01. The National Anarchist Tribal Alliance (NATA) was co-founded by a group of individuals, not exclusively of my own creation.

02. The beginning exchange between Lamont Jenkins and I could have been handled much better and more professional rather than how it began alongside insensitive I may have said. I clearly apologize for any and all insensitive statements I said to Daryle personally. I’m not perfect and can be passionate and heated at times when encountering someone who has done things that personally affected my life negatively. I’m including the heated exchange as a reminder for me to improve upon my character flaws.

Here is a collection of resources below regarding Antifa and other far left sponsorship by ruling class interests worth examining:

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“The FBI has forged partnerships nationally and locally with many civil rights organizations to establish rapport, share information, address concerns, and cooperate in solving problems. These groups include such organizations as the ( – ) Southern Poverty Law Center, and many others.”

Political Research Associates

“Among its major donors are the Public Welfare Foundation and the Ford Foundation.”

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