Great Degree Choices for People Who Enjoy History and Politics

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When choosing that “perfect” career path it’s important to think about a variety of different factors and criteria with the goal of picking a career that is rewarding and enjoyable for you. Ideally, this is a career you want to be in for a long time, so enjoying it will certainly help to make that possible. For those who have an interest in history and politics, there are a number of career paths worth considering.

With that in mind, here is a look at the top degree choices for those who want to merge their love of history and politics.

Master of Management in Library and Information Science Online

The online masters in library science could be that exact right mix for those with a love of history and politics. The online MMLIS program is available through such well-known schools as the University of Southern California and gives students a chance to make use of and develop all kinds of skills.

As a librarian, it’s important to have a large understanding of public information sources and trends, as well as scholarly trends and information. A big part of the job entails helping people find information, so having a base knowledge of these different topics can certainly help. You will also have the option of working in a city library, academia, or archives.

Journalism Degree

Another degree that can make use of your love of history and politics is a journalism degree. Journalists cover all different topics, but your love of politics and history can certainly pave the way to being a beat reporter, a government reporter, a legal reporter, or even work as part of a PR team in the government. In some cases, a journalism degree can even be enough to teach classes.

Bachelor’s Degree

While this sounds like a very simple and broad degree, it can open the door to a number of different avenues. A bachelor’s degree is the first step you need to complete should you wish to become a history or politics teacher in public school. After completing your bachelor’s degree, you will be able to get your state licensure. There is no better way to encourage your love of history and politics than by teaching kids all about it.

Law Degree

For those who aren’t afraid of signing up for a few additional years of schooling, there is always a career in law. Whether you choose to practice law as an attorney, as a clerk, or legal assistant, this field is filled with options. That love of history and politics can help guide you when picking which area you want to specialize in.

A Strong Kicking Off Point

That love of history and politics can act as a wonderful and strong kicking off point when it comes to choosing your future career path. This is just a small look at the many different degrees that would give you the opportunity to combine your love of both topics and provide you with a rewarding career.

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