Libertarianism – The Annoying Teenager Phase, This Too Shall Pass

By Libertarian Heathen

Libertarians are looking around these days thinking – WTF? You have a group of them running around yelling “Fascist” and “Nazi” like they have SJW-Tourett’s. The Vice-Chair is calling veterans murderers. The Chair is spending his time lying in the press, insulting Ron Paul, and encouraging violence and siding with ANTIFA. We have Satan Memes for Easter week, and quote Communist world leaders who are literally terrorist mass murders on our official social media outlets. A small yet vocal group of Crypto-Communists calling themselves “Left-Libertarians” is claiming ownership of the party and trying to drive out any vestige of patriotism, family values, and even Classical Liberalism and Minarchism. Some people have left because of it, and those who did not are extremely irritated by this behavior that defies all logic and reason.

Human beings start out life essentially helpless. We have to learn how to quit pissing on ourselves, and then how to eat. We learn to talk, write, and do basic math. We learn to tie our shoes and dress ourselves. We get cell phones and start learning how to drive a car. Now that we are in possession of all the tools needed to function, we enter a phase where we think we know it all, and begin to grate on the nerves of the adults around us.


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  1. “This is no surprise, as libertarianism is basically the Marxism of the Right…Like Marxism, libertarianism offers the fraudulent intellectual security of a complete a priori account of the political good without the effort of empirical investigation. Like Marxism, it aspires, overtly or covertly, to reduce social life to economics.”

    ~Robert Locke, Marxism of the Right, The American Conservative, March 14, 2005

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