Unraveling Political Theory: The Roots of the Left, Part 2-Socialism and Communism

RThe Last American Vagabond

After discussing classical liberalism and reform liberalism/progressivism in part 1 of “Understanding the Left,” Keith and Tim go deeper in part 2 to examine the foundations of both socialism and communism; terms that are often used interchangeably, with communism being a more extreme version of socialism.

What makes discussion of socialism or communism so difficult, yet fascinating, is that there are many around the world that adore this political ideology, deeming it a colossal progression in human civilization, yet on the other hand there are just as many who completely oppose the ideology, asserting it as one of the highest forms of tyranny. Needless to say, these terms are very polarizing, but how many really understand the roots and complexity of these ideas?


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