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Donald Trump’s State Department approves Saudi Arabia weapons sales blocked by Barack Obama

Apparently, Trump has decided to be just another tool of the Anglo-American-Zionist Wahhabist axis of evil. No US President that ever moved to dismantle the empire would be allowed to survive. The wider ruling class and deep state interests would force him out by means of political maneuvering, or if that didn’t work by means of a Pinochet-style coup, or in the vein of the attempted coup against Gorbachev in 1991. The Prez is the equivalent of the CEO of a corporation, and the various financial and corporate elites, along with the deep state and military industrial complex, are the equivalent of the board of directors or major shareholders. A CEO certainly has a range of latitude when it comes to policy.

But if the CEO of General Motors came out said that GM was no longer going to make cars and make children’s toys or sporting goods instead, he would be out the door in a millisecond. It doesn’t matter who the individual president is, what his personal opinions are, what his private political views are, what is personal character is. He is simply a figurehead for a wider machine.I expect Trump to govern as just another lame ass Rockefeller Republican as every president for the past half century has done.

By Samuel Osbourne

The Independent

The State Department has approved resuming arms sales to Saudi Arabia previously blocked by Barack Obama.

A multi-million dollar  technology for Riyadh was blocked by the former President during the final months of his administration over human rights concerns.

Saudi Arabia is leading a mostly Arab coalition targeting Houthi rebels in Yemen with air strikes.

An annual report by UN experts who monitor the conflict in Yemen, seen by Reuters, said the Saudi-led coalition had carried out attacks that “may amount to war crimes” — accusations Riyadh rejects.


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