The Authoritarian Right is Naive About Human Nature

By Kevin Carson

Center for a Stateless Society

Have you ever considered the level of irony involved in the fact that so many of the same people who claim to distrust big government (“I love my country but fear my government”) also adamantly support the police against Black Lives Matter? These people, by and large, actually worship the culture of police lawlessness as something necessary to “stop criminals.” I was reminded of this incongruity by Ami Angelwings’ extended Twitter discussion, on October 3, of the television show Law & Order. She suggested that Jack McCoy might be “television’s greatest villain”:

He’s gotten people executed by twisting or even breaking the law, suborning perjury, withholding evidence, and challenging the constitution….  To get one person that McCoy has no evidence against but “knows” is guilty, he regularly tries to flatten broad constitutional protections. To get around parole Jack tried to have a guy committed indefinitely to an institution by arguing criminality itself is a mental illness….

Law & Order seasons 1-5 was basically cop propaganda for liberals, the idea being that the system worked, 5-20 is for conservatives. Later Law & Order made me fear cops and the DA due to how they’re portrayed as completely reckless and corrupt and all laws are in their way.



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  1. Well, this is just tribalism. I suspect that a big factor is simply this: virtually all social institutions and ideologies are corrupt and compromising, and since actually rejecting all the oligarchies and concluding that you exist in a fundamentally destructive societies is way too much work, people just prefer to pick sides. Everything else is just rationalizing your side. Normal people are not principled, they’re just avid liars who like to pretend to be.

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