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Message from an Outraged Neocon

One of the most complimentary messages I have received in while. I must be doing something right.

“I don’t know how someone could live their lives in the United States and end up with such a polluted view of our country. A country that’s not perfect but is certainly nothing like you present it to be.

I just saw your ridiculous interview on PressTV, a propaganda media arm of the Iranian govt. A nation who welcomes your anti-American tripe for their propaganda efforts.

The question begs: why do you choose to live in a country you hate? I wouldn’t.

Perhaps Iran would be a good place for you. Perhaps you’d feel less oppressed there?

BTW, how much income do you generate from throwing the United States under the bus?

Judging by what you write and the topics you choose I’d say that you are possessed by a singular purpose, that of expressing yourself against all things American. And by adopting such a narrative you’ve created an identity for yourself, i.e., purpose in life.
While others may take up chess or astronomy or something else as their purpose in life, you’ve instead taken up the purpose to attack an entire country. It’s not much different than a child rebelling against his parents or a spoiled brat with an anti-authority complex.  The US is an easy target and you’re safe to accuse it of all sorts of evil deeds while you live in it.  Imagine that?
It is your right to criticize and promote the overthrow of society and the United States, to impose your warped sense of anarchical/tyrannical rule.  You are free to do that up to the point of taking action against the state…then you break the law. Boo hoo!
But I doubt you have the guts or courage to lead the charge from your headquarters in your mother’s basement. Words are your weapon. It cloaks and makes you feel wonderful in your dreams.
Viva Che Guevara!”

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    So I couldn’t watch the video, but I’m reading the text and trying to figure out what you said that was incorrect. Evidently Outraged Neocon likewise couldn’t determine what you said that was incorrect, so he has to resort to “why do you hate America???”

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