Robert Stark, Rabbit, & Alex von Goldstein talk about Radical Centrism, Cultural Elitism, & Gore Vidal

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Topics include:

Rabbit’s Alt Left and how it’s similar to Radical Centrism
How Radical Centrism relates to the Alt Right, which is a big tent movement for people who oppose political correctness and mass immigration, but includes people with more left and Center views
How Radical Centrism can adopt the issues abandoned by the left in favor of globalism and open borders(ex. civil liberties, the environment, workers rights, and anti-war)
How the left opposed the Brexit which strips the world’s 400 richest people of $127 billion
The Horseshoe theory, and how the radical center is the part of the horseshoe drifting in nothingness
Implementing Radical Centrism politically, and which demographic groups it could appeal to
Where Radical Centrism overlaps with the left, right, and libertarianism
What is the role of Government vs. Individual Liberty
Capitalism and how it can produce innovation, but is disruptive when unfettered without zoning laws, environmental protection, protectionism, and financial regulation
White liberal utopia’s such as Portland, Oregon and Boulder, Colorado, how they relate to the Alt Left, and how they contrast with “conservative” run regions such as Texas
Pan Secessionism and how it can offer every ideology and group self determination
Gore Vidal as a Radical Center/Alt Left Icon
Gore Vidal’s controversial statements on issues including immigration, race, WWII, Roman Polanski, Ruby Ridge, and how he corresponded with Timothy McVeigh
Gore Vidal’s Cultural Elitism
Gore Vidal’s novels
Homosexuality in Ancient Greece and Rome
The importance of cultural elitism
How our society has a hierarchy based on wealth and celebrity status  rather than cultural elitism

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