Land of the Freaks, Home of the Abnormal

By Adil Sarker

Happy 4th, my fellow Americans.

It seems like most Americans celebrate USA’s existence for very different reasons. Since many of us take our country very seriously, let’s take a good look at it.

We aren’t the smartest/dumbest country.
We aren’t the (un)healthiest country.
We aren’t the most peaceful/dangerous country.
We aren’t the richest/poorest country.
We aren’t the oldest/newest country.
We aren’t the most/least free country.
We aren’t the most/least prosperous country.
We aren’t the (un)happiest country.
We aren’t the biggest/smallest country.
We aren’t the most/least productive country.
We aren’t the most real/fake country.
We aren’t the most/least tolerant country.
We aren’t the most open/closed-minded country.
We aren’t the most/least just country.
We aren’t the first/last country.
We aren’t the most/least sane country.

However, I have a bias for this 50-state union of a country. This is the FREAKIEST country of all of human history. I really do believe the USA is THE BEST COUNTRY to be a freak. Past & present, Americans never truly cared about being #1 in anything. They rather live out their existence on their own terms than be #1 in someone else’s value-system. America is best for those people.

America is known to be a land of immigrants, and there is much truth to that. People who move and settle into America are usually fringe folks from other lands. Now I’m not saying that every American is a freak or that every immigrant that comes here is a freak, but what I truly believe is that FREAKY PEOPLE get the most out of this country and won’t get as much out of life if they were elsewhere.

¿Have you ever noticed that the people most comfortable in this country are the freaks? Everyone else is always talking about how this country is going in a disastrous direction in some way, shape, or form. Don’t get me wrong, America’s freaks can be just as critical as anyone else, but AT LEAST THEY’RE COMFORTABLE IN THIS COUNTRY. No matter how awful things in America get, the freaks here will always feel at home.

That’s not always the case with family values advocates, corporatists, consumerists, nationalists, patriots, racists, foreigners, xenophobes, teachers, police officers, military personnel, church-goers, etc. When things don’t go their way, they feel like they’re losing their country. Well, many of them never really had this country. They’re aren’t freaks, so this country was never suitable for them in the first place. At best, the USA presented a context that was beneficial for them for a short amount of time.

Only freaks feel a constant sense of belonging in the USA. Now, I don’t know how USA got this way, but I think it goes back to the colonial days. Fringe people from mostly Germanic & Celtic Europe came here because they were unhappy with the status quo of their original post-MiddleAges homelands. Freaks from all over the world gathered here to make a freak-society on a national scale. Since then, the freakiness of this country has always been intact. If anything, it’s the FREAKY NATURE OF THIS COUNTRY that makes the USA SO FREAKING AWESOME.

I feel like the Amerindians had something to do with it too. USA is in geographical North America which was a remote part of the Americas. The most centralized and developed Amerindian civilizations were in Central America & Equatorial regions of South America. North America was the home of the more fringe Amerindian tribes. I personally believe the land that is now USA EMANATES AN ENERGY THAT’S CONDUCIVE TO FREAKY PEOPLE.

I am an American, and I cherish this country because this is the best place to be a freak. That’s why I celebrate the 4th of July. I truly don’t think living in this country is for everyone. I actually think it’s not a good idea for most people. Most people are normal, and such people belong in normal countries, with normal cultures and traditions.

USA as a country is an anomaly amongst polity-based societies. I mean non-freaks can live here, but they’ll always find something “wrong” with this country. Non-freaks will “see these problems” so often that it will hinder their ability to access fulfillment in their own normal lives. I mean ¿why do you think the freaks never attempt to isolate/shelter their own kind from the influence of “others”? Many non-freaks in this country do. Deep down inside, both freaks & non-freaks know that if no one was sheltered/isolated, the influence of the freaks will simply dominate. ¿Why? Because this land/country is suitable for the freaks.

& that’s the way I like it 🙂

I truly want God to bless America and all His(SWT) other countries.

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