Keith Preston: Clinton email probe could end in ‘great chaos’ for 2016 vote

Press TV. Read here: http://www.presstv.us/Detail/2016/07/03/473483/Clinton-email-probe-may-end-in-great-chaos

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton attends a town hall with about 100 millennials who are digital content creators and social media influencers, June 28, 2016, at Neuehouse in Hollywood, California. (AFP)

An FBI probe into use of private email server by former US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton could end in a “great chaos” for the 2016 presidential race in the country, an analyst says.

The presumed Democratic nominee met with the FBI for three and a half hours on Saturday, as part of the investigation.

“FBI is probably pretty close to wrapping up their investigation… and the results will be announced relatively soon,” said the chief editor and director at AttacktheSystem.com, Keith Preston, in an interview with Press TV on Sunday.

The outcome of the probe should determine whether Clinton resorted to violations of regulations at the department and if her measures amount to “mishandling classified information,” he said.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation may conclude that “federal laws concerning national security” have been broken.

“Now if that happens, it would be up to the Justice Department to determine whether or not to issue an indictment on criminal charges against Hillary Clinton.”

Preston further referred to a meeting between the former First Lady’s husband, Bill Clinton, and US Attorney General Loretta Lynch, saying, “the appearance of that certainly is that the former president is trying to use his influence essentially to fix the outcome of this investigation.”

Lynch could be pressured to “avoid the pursuit of any kind of actual criminal charges,” he said, adding, “it would be a very awkward position for the attorney general… because she would essentially be in the position of initiating a criminal prosecution against the presidential candidate of her own party.”

Clinton’s use of private email servers as the secretary of state in the administration of President Barrack Obama has been used as a means to topple her in the run-up to the 2016 presidential vote.

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