Trump: America’s Funhouse Mirror

Justin Raimondo has the best critique of Donald Trump to date. Trump’s politics are on the level of a bunch of frat guys talking at keg part, but Trump’s not nearly as much of a “fascist” as the neocons-or Franklin Delano Roosevelt.

By Justin Raimondo


The latest outburst of self-righteous indignation directed at Donald Trump underscores what hypocrites Americans are, as well as illustrating their seemingly endless capacity for self-delusion. This latest eruption of moralizing is occasioned byTrump’s proposal that all travel by Muslims into this country must be ended – “until we find out what the heck is going on.”

Oh, moan liberals and conservatives alike, this is terrrrrible!!! It’s bigoted! It’s unconstitutional! And it’s not very nice! Yet Congress is set to approve a bill with broad bipartisan backing that would deny visa-free travel to anyone who has been in Iraq or Syria in the past five years. Not only that, but the legislation would end visa-free travel from friendly nations like France and Belgium, where Muslims make up a significant minority of the population. Trump’s proposal – given its draconian premise – actually makes more sense, in that it wouldn’t include a French wine wholesaler on a tourist visa or a Belgian Jewish doctor here to attend a medical conference.

Even self-described “libertarian-ish” politicians like Sen. Rand Paul (R-Kentucky) are on the same wavelength as Trump on this one: a couple of weeks ago he introducedlegislation “suspending” entry into the US by visitors, students, refugees, etc., from countries with “significant jihadist movements.” His father, former presidential candidate Ron Paul, introduced very similar legislation – the “Terror Immigration Elimination Act” – back in 2003 when he was a congressman. Paul the Younger’s spokesman says he opposes Trump’s proposal – but The Donald is simply taking the principle animating Sen. Paul’s legislation and applying it more consistently.


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  1. This is a pretty good discussion of Trump as well.http://www.theamericanconservative.com/millman/fascism-style-and-substance/

    Both Raimondo and Millman point out that the “normal” Republicans and the Democrats as well, not to mention many iconic American leaders from the past, have thus far implemented policies that are more “fascist” (statist authoritarianism) in that anything Trump has suggested to date.

    It seems to me that what’s really going on with the “Trump is a fascist” accusations is that Trump is a socially acceptable target to the political class, and the power elite generally, because of his personally loutish style and his antagonism to the establishments of the two parties.

    But as Millman points out, Trump is more Berlusconi (or Ross Perot) than Mussolini or Franco.

    Matthew Lyons has an interesting take on this from an antifa perspective: http://threewayfight.blogspot.com/2015/10/on-trump-fascism-and-stale-social.html Glad to see he’s not buying some of the more hysterical nonsense about Trump.

  2. Great article. Trump is a product and a representation of the lunacy of the mainstream media, American politicians, and the Americans who subscribe to the viewpoints and opinions presented by the former. In a way he is like a fun house mirror, like a surreal manifestation of Fox News incarnate. In a way he is like an actual mirror with no distortion, which is why he leads in the republican polls. He represents the insanity and inanity that constantly permeates the American mindscape from our schools and media. So much so, I’m surprised the mainstream media doesn’t love him. I think they’re afraid of him because he’s such a lout and so egotistical, that if he got into office he may actually freely speak his mind about the grotesque corruption he will inevitably be increasingly exposed to. He wouldn’t cower like Obama. It could also be the media likes to brainwash us with Trump’s ideological perspectives subtly, rather than hitting you with it overtly.

  3. Oh yes, your definitely right, his general lack of respect for the two party establishment. He’s too independent and egotistical; His ego comes before bowing to the establishment.
    If he got in power, like a leash pulling a puppy, he would be dragged around by his giant ego. That ego may compel him do something crazy, like try to have all of the true perpetrators of 911 brought to trial. Not because he genuinely cares, but because it would be great for his legacy: Trump, the venerable saint who saved America. Or he may get into power and be a good establishment neoliberal and neoconservative. He’s a wild card.

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