Is North Korea on the Brink of Reform?

If true, this is big news.

By Michael Bassett

Asia Observer

Swiss-educated reformer Kim Jong-un is liberating North Korea by proliferating a capitalist, knowledge-based economy, says Michael Bassett. 

When Kim Jong-il died, speculation ran awry that North Korea would either collapse or be taken over by hard-liners. Analysts watched doggedly as the young marshal, Kim Jong-un, emplaced a gang of seven in power—a gang whom his father had not recommended in the 6th Party Central Committee Plenum. Kim Jong-un’s affinity for these technocrats was temporary: That nearly all have been banished, purged or killed begs inquiry of the “method to his madness.”

As I will show, Kim Jong-un has defied all predictions and permanently changed the trajectory of North Korea.


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  1. This is a perfect example of why mass politics are hopeless. Your only decent outcomes occur when dictators force them on an essentially unwilling majority and against the wishes and position of the social elite.
    Most people are bad people, and good government consists of little but saying, ‘no,’ and ‘go fuck yourself’ to everyone who wants your help. That’s the sort of attitude a crotchety Korean dictator can manage, but not something a liberal Christian pussy can stand up to, emotionally or politically.

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