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  1. Good, but too short. NPI, along with the Property & Freedom Society and the H.L. Mencken Club, has become an annual ‘I wish this shit was more than annual’ event for me.
    After dealing with so many paranoid retards of the Right (won’t even go into the Left) it’s good to hear people who actually have reasons for their opinions; it’s amazing how many of the people running around in this circle of ultra-radicalism are just as inarticulate and ignorant as the Proles who vote. That’s the problem of attracting people, I suppose, anything that does not vigilantly screen will invariably become a cafe society of opinionated nobodies.

  2. Neither the British, Dutch and most definetly not the German empires can be considered on the level of the empires of the Greeks and the Romans. The only modern empires that are truly the successors of these are Spanish and Portuguese empires. It’s also pathetic that this nationalism is being promoted when the tendency in human society has always been homogenization of different groups into one common whole on ever greater scales. Examples of economic, political, cultural, linguistic homogenization include the Romans and their descendents the Catholic Spanish and Portuguese, the Arabs, the Bantu, the Slavs, and many others. These petty separatists can whine, bitch, and moan all they want but homogenization on a global scale will happen preferably by mediterraneans and their offshoots.

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