Keith Preston: Americans’ knowledge of Islam based on false information

Press TV. Listen here: http://www.presstv.com/Detail/2015/11/18/438188/Americans-knowledge-Islam

The majority of American people have a very limited and “primitive” knowledge about Islam and have mostly received false information about the religion, a political analyst in Virginia says.

“Most Americans know very, very little about Islam and the little they know is based on false information,” said Keith Preston, the chief editor and director of AttacktheSystem.com.

“Americans, to a large degree, when they think of Islam, they simply think of terrorism, they think of groups like the Daesh (ISIL), or they think al-Qaeda or someone like Osama bin Laden,” Preston told Press TV on Wednesday.

“Most Americans have very little knowledge of the tradition of Islam, the history behind Islam, the theology of Islam,” he added.

“The concept of the people of the book within Islam, the people of the other monotheistic religions are considered to be under the protection of Islamic law,” Preston noted. “That’s something that Americans have no awareness of either.”

The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) has voiced concerns over a spike in Islamophobia in the US, following the recent attacks in Paris.

The Muslim advocacy organization called Tuesday for additional safety measures in the Islamic places of worship in the wake of the attacks, which the Daesh Takfiri group has claimed responsibility for.

Since Friday’s Paris attacks, there have been a series of anti-Muslim incidents reported, including terror threats to Florida mosques, vandalism at a Nebraska mosque, shots fired at a Florida Muslim family’s home, hate graffiti targeting a Connecticut Muslim student, a tweet threatening Michigan Muslims, and innumerable hate messages sent online and by phone.

CAIR demanded that state and federal law enforcement authorities investigate the vandalism as a hate crime.

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  1. Oh, so he’s something that’s funny about the history: Muslims used to employ a lot of Christians in their administration, and they also had very little opinion on the Crusades. It wasn’t until Europeans invented their Enlightenment A Priori history about how the Crusades were a huge, bloodthirsty war based on religious fanaticism and exported it to the Middle East that the Muslims started using it for their own purposes. Talk about blow back, white guilt spasm and 100 years later you’ve got these Muslims believing the story the Enlightened lefties tell and using it as an excuse for total war against Christian nations.

      • I’m not sure where I’d send you to document the death of Crusades rhetoric in Islam before the Enlightenment and especially 19th century; however most historiographies of the Crusades will mention this; it started with the Protestants but really picks up with people like Edward Gibbons, who are basically Hell-bent on portraying medieval society as inferior to Enlightenment wank. This is also where the whole ‘dark ages’ fantasy comes from, and the rewriting of the Crusades is part of it.
        Now the TradCats will often go off on a tangent about how the Crusades were to protect Europe or whatever, more likely it was a bunch of young men with money trying to live up to the expectations put on them, and maybe get out of the house and make a name in the LeVant. The numbers of persons involved, especially on the Euro side, were always small.
        The Crusaders did have several stunning tactical successes, European knights are not to be a fucked with, but the scale and centralization for a real war of conquest, like the one the Muzzies pulled in the 7th century, was simply not there.

      • “The Lost History of Christianity” would be the go-to source on the relations of Islam with Christianity in the former’s demesne; it covers the use of Christians in the Caliphate and the extent, nature and duration of the various persecutions.

        The whole ‘Romans persecuted Christians and fed them to lions’ thing is a bunch of Bullshit, too. In fact, the Renaissance was pretty much invented by anti-Catholic art historians.

  2. Thomas Madden “The Concise History of the Crusades” pg 201

    Jonathan Simon Christopher Riley-Smith “The Crusades: A History” Second Edition pg 299-310

  3. I’ll just copy and paste the comment I put on pressTV. to keep the conversation going on here.

    Yes, it’s pretty disturbing, I was watching Fox News and they were incessantly fear mongering about inevitable attacks coming to the US. Their solution is to rev up the war machine of course. ISIS does exist, it’s just the Western states create, finance, and militarize them. So if our rulers want war against the enemy than they better bomb themselves and their weapons manufacturers first because they are ISIS’s chief supporters. It’s such a shame we live in this mysterious universe on this beautiful planet in the golden age of technology and science, and it’s all being wasted on these fucking sociopathic elites’ madness.
    I 100% agree with Keith Preston (and by the way check out his website “Attack the System.”) Americans are kept largely in the dark about the true nature of Islam. Yes, Islam is a religion of hatred and murder, but it’s also a religion of peace and love, JUST LIKE every other religion on the planet. Thinking all Muslims are like ISIS is like thinking all Christians are like the Westburo Baptist Church, or that all Christian’s loved the Spanish Inquisition.

  4. It’s popular to hate a lot of things here in the West. What are the facts and the fiction behind the Spanish Inquisition Georg?

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