The Greatest Challenge: Can Anarchists Wipe Their Own Asses?

By Legionscatz
It occurs to me, that part of the reason I lost faith in anarchism (ok, perhaps faith isn’t the right word, leave me alone atheists) in the first place is because, ultimately, to manifest an anarchist society, anarchism must become popular with the people which that society is comprised of.
Okay, statement of the totally-effing-obvious. However, what isn’t so obvious is the question of whether most people actually possess the right physical and mental attributes to prosper in a society in which everyone has to take responsibility not only for their own particular concerns, but for themselves and their nearest and dearest.
Unbeknown to most of it’s proponents, anarchism is a statement of willingness to take complete responsibility for ones own destiny. Now naturally (at least before the ancoms start bitching at me) this does not exclude any collaborative and cooperative elements of our society but of course this doesn’t mean that there will be an overarching entity such as a state to wipe your arses for you if you are incapable of doing it yourself.
In fact, this is one reason why I don’t think it’s possible to dismantle the state. Anarchists are not just fighting intellectual dishonesty or lack-of-imagination, but they’re also fighting physical reliance which has been bred into people slowly-but-surely over a process of many generations (perhaps many millennia).
The unfortunate truth is that we have allowed ourselves to become domesticated as a species.
A member of the fully fledged Homo Sapiens species is capable, by fact-of-species, many things including self-defence, gathering the necessary means for ones own survival and so forth. Simple, basic behavioural assets that frankly, even a mouse is capable of.
However many humans today simply are not capable of these things. In fact, your average proletarian is so degenerate (that includes the stereotypical neo-nazi who spends all his goddamned time shouting about “degeneracy” and “racial supremacy”) that they simply aren’t able to perform these basic behaviours without an overarching entity such as a state to basically hold their hand while they do it.

Crypto-fascist banter about degeneracy and yaddayaddayadda aside, this is what degeneracy actually looks like – the degeneration of the species into something that no longer is capable of performing the basic tasks that a member of the homo sapiens species (or in fact even many “lower species”) should be able to take for granted.
This is also why anarchists are fighting a losing battle. As the proletariat is domesticated, then there is simply much less chance of manifesting anarchism because the vast majority of people in our societies are physically dependent on maintaining the status-quo and would resist any move towards a paradigm in which they would have to wipe their own arses.
The sad truth is that the establishment has effectively won. It has domesticated the people and in doing so made large-scale anarchism impossible. Anarchism will not be born of a society of domesticated housepets.
Assuming I’m about to be pressed for a solution to this problem… then frankly, there isn’t one. Unless you can undo the genetic damage that is occuring to our line through the degeneration of the species and the destruction of our intellectual and physical heritage, then the only way is down and things will only get worse from here. Perhaps when peopel face up to this fact then some real solutions will manifest themselve

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  1. I entirely agree.
    This is why I just have no interest in politics or movementism. Who the fuck are these cattle we’re forcing to be free? How can one even pity such wilfully inane subhumans? I more resent the masses for existing.

    Georges Palante, btw, nailed this last century. The problem with universalism is that the masses are the problem, they always have been, and now there are more of them than ever before.

  2. Oh, and that reminds me of Benjamin Constant’s summary of why Robespierre ended up going Robespierre; the productionist, non-violent, civilized man was not capable of the kind of willful self-management necessary for ancient republican virtue. Robespierre was trying to make housecats behave like lions.
    This is exactly why the fascists militarized; people are too indolent to respond to anything but social pressure and threats.
    – “The Liberty of the Ancients Compared with that of the Moderns,” obv.

  3. Great comments RJ Moore. Yeah, honestly, Libertarians need to step away from the equality doctrine and those non-leftists are as guilty of this as leftists themselves. They think that, as you rightly say, they can make housecats behave like lions by universalizing bullshit like human rights across a decidedly non-universal populace.

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