Calling for Anti-Statist, Anti-Authoritarian Radical Alliances

On Sunday October 11th Derrick Broze spoke at Libertyfest in NYC about the history of the word Libertarian, the history of alliances between radicals on the left and right, a highlight of the work of Karl Hess and Samuel Konkin III, and the need for less ego and dogma in the interest of building new alliances between radicals across the political spectrum.

Radical means taking a direct action approach to your activism. By using Agorist methods of building counter-institutions to the state in the areas of economics, media, education, and others we can create a competing infrastructure that could use a variety of mutual aid strategies to create interlocking communities that voluntarily associate, and trade. We encourage tax resistance, and using black and gray markets to make your money outside of the state’s central economic system. We also encourage the spreading of propaganda against the state whenever and where ever possible. Creating affinity groups, or freedom cells is an incredibly necessary way to build solutions on a local level.

Libertarianism is a political and philosophical position that values liberty, specifically individual liberty, as of utmost importance in our lives. The historical usage of the term began with Anarchists of the 19th, and 20th centuries. Libertarian has always meant anti-authoritarian, and individual. Beyond that, a Libertarian can support whatever economic system they choose as long as it does not result in Authoritarianism, Statism, or the trampling of individual rights.

Alliances are a union or association formed for mutual benefit, especially between countries or organizations, or a relationship based on an affinity in interests, nature, or qualities. It is wise for radicals that are anti-state, and anti-authoritarian on all sides of the spectrum to focus on organizing together for common ground issues and putting aside dogma to build a network that can support communities without the state.

From Syndicalists to Individualists, Mutualists and Agorists, Voluntaryists and Market Anarchists, Panarchists and Anarchists without Adjectives, and other self-identified radicals – this talk is aimed at those who are against Authoritarianism, Statism, and Oppression in all forms. This talk is aimed at those who recognize the power of the Individual and seek to work together as a whole.

We will work with others regardless of their preferred economic systems. As long as individuals are capable of forming alliances without using force on one another they should seek to form temporary alliances around common ground issues or immediate threats. It is also important to remember we do not need to sell out our own individual principles in the interest of these alliances.

Find more videos like this at: http://www.theconsciousresistance.com

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  1. If all the very diverse freedom-, peace- & justice groups subscribed to individual sovereignty, individual secessionism, personal law choices, full freedom of contract, association and expermentation, free markets, consumer sovereignty and free enterprise in all spheres, always only for volunteers and at their expense and risk, including xyz statists, then they would have a common platform and could reduce their internal strife to a minimum, merely some verbal battles, while all would freely do their own things, together with lilke-minded people.

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