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The Daily Shoah! Episode 51: Standard Clock Party

This is a virtual orgy of political incorrectness, including an interview with Christopher Cantwell, a discussion of the divisions within the U.S. libertarian movement and a discussion of the Donald Trump candidacy. Listen here.

A huge fucking Shoah. Seventh Son, Mike Enoch, Ghoul, Hateful Heretic, Bradshaw Wilson, and The Autiste gather for a massive 3+ hour episode. Featuring the Merchant Minute and Between Two Lampshades with Christopher Cantwell.

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  1. So is ATS going full neo-nazi now, or are you just so socially retarded that you think all the Holocaust jokes are funny?

    • I’d classify the folks who run that site as being more in the neo-reactionary Mencius Moldbug vein than “neo-Nazi.” They seem to have a lot of residual right-libertarian influences as well. I actually disagree with them on quite a few things, although I thought their discussion with Cantwell was interesting, which is ironic since we ran an anti-Cantwell piece here some time ago that generated a lot of controversy as well.

      One thing you won’t get from me is much in the way of sensitivity or piety. No safe spaces or trigger warnings for us.

      • The problem that I see with the discussion in that podcast is that much of it amounts to “bourgeois conservative economics plus white nationalism because blacks and Mexicans are supposedly welfare parasites.” Add on some neocon foreign policy views and they would almost be under the umbrella of mainstream Republican conservatism.
        I’m oversimplifying their views, of course, but it’s a considerably more rightward perspective than my own.

        But their discussion of some of the conflicts within the mainstream libertarian movement, which I also don’t really identify with either, is interesting, i.e. the left-libertarians influenced by “social justice warrior” ideology vs those with a strong emphasis on proprietarianism and who embrace a kind of social conservatism. Cantwell’s call for “overthrowing the government” should receive a thumbs up, of course.

  2. If you actually listen to their podcasts, they started out making fun of the Stormfront idiots, and now they are Stormfront idiots.

    This is DeBoer’s law in action:

    Over a long enough time frame, all political movements become indistinguishable from the parodies their opponents make of them.

  3. I think that the correct typology of the group is a synthesis of racist American Libertarianism with Hitlerian racialism. It reminds me of crap you could find in Ron Paul newsletters and survivalist magazines back in the 80s, so nothing really new here except for the nrX content, nor is it any surprise that so many Libertarians turn out to be so racist. The desperate struggle of the Last Capitalist White Men against the Mud People and the Zionist Occupation Government continues, now on Facebook instead of shortwave.

    According to the website and the podcasts: they believe that the “mud races” are stupid violent animals, that Jews are biological parasites that have destroyed the white race, and that the Holocaust was a lie. They flash every neo-nazi gang sign and appear to live their entire lives in a constant state of paranoid obsession over “the Jews”. This isn’t any kind of classic Fascism, but “neo-nazi” would in fact be an accurate description, as neo-nazism has never been a coherent political movement so much as a deviant marginal subculture.

    What is interesting is how accelerated the operation of Deboer’s law is in a post-modern Facebook subculture. In less than a year they went from brutally mocking the stormfront idiots to going full-retard themselves. If the SJWs accused you of eating dogshit, the alt-right would start eating it for breakfast. The SJWs called you nazis, so you went straight down to the white nationalist bathhouse and got pozzed right in the ass by a bunch of syphilitic old queens in brownshirts.

    This seems to result from out of control deviancy spiraling competitions between castrated beta-males within a subculture that valorizes the hysterical presentation of retarded extremism as a “dangerous” and “edgy” alpha-male behavior. This effect produces an outcome just as self-destructive as the “more radical than thou” tendency in the far left, and the “more doomsday than thou” tendency within the peak oil/global warming movement.

    The group survival strategy of the Jew conspiracy retards is to turn any host they can colonize into a sewer where only they can survive. This is why they intentionally adopt symbols and language that are heavily identified in the public mind with: school shooters, meth dealers, prison rape gangs, psychotic losers, insane political cranks, and one of the worst form of murderous statism in the whole of human history. Once the jew conspiracy retards take over the comments section, everyone else flees. This is a natural defense of the white nationalist man-titty monster of his mating territory. Completely unable to mate in a biological fashion, he reproduces via a homosexual process of Facebook osmosis, spawning new man-titty neo-nazis in basements across America.

    The addition of Cantwell to this crowd is just absolutely perfect, and every Libertarian who isn’t a racist basement troll should be celebrating his defection to white nationalism and encouraging it in every way.

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