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The Truth About the Syrian Refugee Crisis

This video really does an excellent job of explaining the situation in its entirety.

Assad is not Albert Schweitzer, but he’s an important and necessary bulwark against Sunni fundamentalist insurgents on one hand and Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabist axis on the other. Right now the Resistance Block is the best bet in the Middle East.If I were a Middle Easterner I’d much rather live in Assad’s Syria, Lebanon, or Iran than in the “Islamic State” (puke), Saudi Arabia, or the Palestinian territories.

The problem that I have noticed with a lot of Westerners is that they don’t seem to understand that there is no opposition in Middle Eastern countries led by people with the ACLU’s standards of civil liberties, Amnesty International’s standards of human rights, or Code Pink’s or GLAAD’s position on feminism and gay rights. What we have are forces that prefer independent development for the Middle East (i.e. those associated with the Resistance Block) and those who want the region to be in chaos so that the Anglo-American-Zionist-Wahhabist axis can completely dominate the region. The The A-A-Z-W axis tries to work both ends against the middle with these Sunni fundamentalist terrorist groups. They tacitly and often overtly support them in order to undermine either secular Arab nationalism (like Assad) or at least anti-imperialist regimes in the region (like Iran) while trying to contain them so that they don’t actually threaten US, UK, EU, Israeli, or Saudi interests directly. Most of the religious extremism in the region is fueled by either Israel’s support for Orthodox Zionist fanatics and their expansion into the Palestinian territories, or by the Wahhabist Sunni fundamentalism that is the state religion of Saudi Arabia and which the elite of the Gulf states bankroll. And the US and England support this by bankrolling Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States.

There are a few things you should know about the Refugee Crisis.
This video answers:
– Its being used to bomb the country the refugees are running from
– The war was started by the US, and those now crying about the refugees in the first place
– The majority of the refugees are not Syrian, but the media are calling them all Syrian anyway.
– The gulf arab states won’t let syrians in, they don’t see them as arab and they’d rather give the money to ISIS
– Why doesn’t Israel accept refugees
– Syrians want to go home , you can’t relocate them all.
– Syrians had a great life before the war began
-Syria is the birth place of civilisation

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  1. What is typical for our times, there & everywhere else and in every movement, including all anarchists and libertarian ones, is that they show all too little interest in finally trying to collect, clearly express and declare all individual rights and liberties. Not only the territorial governments are to be blamed in this respect. My attempt to initiate such an effort by providing, as working material, an anthology of over 130 PRIVATE human rights declarations, online as part of a CD reproduced at – led to close to zero responses, apart from that reproduction action of the webmaster of that site, Christian Butterbach. I know of no education sytem that seriously examines all human rights declarations and tries to convey that kind of knowledge to its pupils and students. Do you? What can we expect without sufficient agreement on basic ethics? Not all individual rights and liberties ought to be fully practised within every community of volunteers – but they should always be respected in those communities of others, who do claim and wish to practise them undisturbed, among themselves.

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