Why Evangelicals Worship Trump Reply

The evangelical/fundamentalist subculture in the US really is proof that P.T. Barnum was correct when he said a sucker is born every five minutes. When will they realize they’re on the losing end of the culture wars and embrace secession?

By Betsy Woodruff

With his brash demeanor, rough language, womanizing, and general Trump-ness, you’d think evangelicals would would loathe Trump. You’d be wrong.
Evangelicals were supposed to hate Donald Trump.His ostentatious wealth, his colorful language, his serial marriages—he was supposed to be the anti-Huckabee, the candidate least appealing to conservative Christians and their reality TV-unfriendly sensibilities.

Then there was Trump’s cavalier discussion of his faith at the Ames, Iowa Family Leadership Summit in July—where he said he doesn’t ask God for forgiveness.

The Washington Examiner’s Byron York argued that comment would hurt him more than his disparagement of Sen. John McCain’s war record.

And The New York Times noted that Trump’s comments on his faith and multiple marriages “prompted the most muttering and unease in the audience.”


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