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Keith Preston to Speak at the National Policy Institute

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Kevin MacDonald



R.N. Taylor

Roman Bernard

Keith Preston

Richard Spencer

Michael Hill

BECOME WHO WE ARE ARE is an all-day, one-track conference on Saturday, October 31, 2015, taking place at The National Press Club in Washington, DC. It features presentations, discussions, lunch and dinner, and, in the evening, a live musical performance renowned folk artist R.N. Taylor.

Speakers include Roman Bernard, Jack Donovan, Guillaume Faye, Kevin MacDonald, Keith Preston, Richard Spencer, and a special guest, who will be addressing a public identitarian gathering for the first time.

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    • Keith Preston is officially a pan-anarchist who speaks to people from all over the spectrum of political ideologies, economic philosophies, and cultural orientations.

      I speak to Truth Jihad, so I must be a Muslim and 9-ll Truth Movement supporter. I speak to the H L Mencken Club, so I must be a paleoconservative. I speak to Anarchapulco, so I must be an anarcho-capitalist. I speak to Press TV, so I must be an Iranian nationalist. I speak to Russia Today, so I must be a Putinist. I would gladly speak to the Church of Scientology,the New Black Panthers, a Jehovah’s Witnesses convention, PETA, or the NRA if any of these groups were interested in anything I have to say.

      Get over it.

  1. Btw, my presentation to the NPI is actually going to be critique of US imperialism that argues that traditional anarchist anti-colonialist and Maoist “three worlds” critiques of US imperialism on the periphery and semi-periphery can now be applied to Europe as well.

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