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News Digest August 7, 2015

What Happened When the Anarchists Moved In by Brian Rinker

US Allows Ally Turkey to Bomb Only Group Effectively Fighting ISIS by Naji Dahi

Turkey Denies Entry to Bodies of YPG Fighters Killed Fighting ISIS by John Beck

Why Bernie Sanders is a Dead End by Joshua Frank

Donald Trump Dominates the Republican Debate by Michael Barbaro

Small Pool of Rich Donors Dominate Election Giving by Nicholas Confessore

Iran Nuclear Deal Looks Almost Certain To Pass by Kevin Drum

What the Major Presidential Candidates Websites Say About Criminal Justice Reform by Radley Balko

Norway Is So Liberal a Man Who Murdered 77 People Got Accepted into Oslo University by Alister Doyle

Palestinians Shelter Israeli Policewoman from Rocks Thrown by Settlers Russia Today

How LSD Became the Drug of Summer 2015 by Tom Jenkin

British Anarchists Infiltrate Calais Migrant Camps by Henry Samuel

Conference Explores the Relationship Between the Mormon Religion and Cooperation by Anthony

As Murders Soar, El Salvador Gangs Want to Talk Truce by Matt Chandler

Ex-Con Posing a Plastic Surgeon Leaves Man with Deformed Penis by Peter Holley

LGBTQ Non-Conformists Form a Commune in the Woods by Alex Halberstadt

The Hourly Wage Needed to Rent a Two-Bedroom Apartment in Every U.S. State by Tanvi Misra

North Korea Turns Back Its Clocks to Make “Pyongyang Time” Al-Jazeera

ISIS Executes 19 Girls Who Refused to Have Sex with Militants by Ruth Halkon

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Rarely have wiser words been said.

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Why Donald Trump is Winning by Jim Tankersley
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