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News Digest August 3, 2015

Over 700 Videos of Police Brutality and Corruption by Ademo Freeman

Jail the Vote: How the Prison-Industrial Complex is Undermining Democracy by Sean McElwee

Bill Would Allow Government to Revoke U.S. Citizens’ Passports without Charges or Trial Police State USA

New York Police Lieutenant Compares Black Mayor to Monkey by Kelly W. Patterson

New York University Discriminates Against Students Who Have Faced Arrest Truth-Out

Immigrants Object to Growing Use of Ankle Monitors After Detention by Molly Hennessey-Fiske

Discrimination Against Roma Continues in Europe 70 Years After the Holocaust by Agan Uzunovic

Probation May Sound Light, But Punishments Can Land Hard by Shaila DeWan

Is Rand Paul Flip-Flopping Again? by David Weigel

Is Rand Paul Struggling Because He Isn’t Libertarian Enough? by W. James Antle III

Is the U.S. Ready to Become Scandinavia? by David A. Graham

Donald Trump Out Non-Interventions Rand Paul Mofopolitics.Com

Trump: “I’ll Be Very Nice and Highly Respectful During Debates” by Ryan Lovelace

Who’s the Bad Actor in the Iran Nuclear Negotiations? (Take a Guess) by Belen Fernandez

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The new Israeli Justice minister justified the burning alive of a Palestinian teenager and called for the slaughter of Palestinian mothers who give birth to “little snakes.”

The new deputy defense minister, said: “(Palestinians) are beasts, they are not humans” and “a Jew always has a much higher soul than a gentile…” See: “Reassessing US Aid to Israel,” by Allan Brownfeld

8 ISIS Supporters Killed by Russian Special Forces Russia Today

ISIS Releases Video of People Being Drowned in a Cage by Joshua Riddle

Internal Dispute Over Taliban Succession Hints at Rifts by Lynne O’Donnell

Mexican Journalist Killed in Veracruz Mexican Anarchist

Thousands Protest Racist, Homophobic Attacks in Israel by Edo Konrad

“Pig” Written on Police Officer’s Fast Food Order by KWCH 12

China Confiscates Over 5000 Bottles of Booze with Viagra Russia Today

21 Creepy Things Some of the World’s Most Dangerous Criminals Actually Said Answers.Com

Inside the Sick, Bizarre World of Trophy Hunting by Meg Brown

Images on Empire State Building Bring Light to Endangered Species by Gareth Smit

Doctor Who Opened the First Sex Change Clinic Dies at 104 by Randi Hutter Epstein

6 Psychedelic Trips from Legal Drugs You Probably Didn’t Know About by Rula Al-Nasrawi

Ann Coulter and the Manufacture of Pedophilia by Fred Reed

Students in Prison Can Now Receive Pell Grants to College by Melissa Harris-Perry

Cops Beat Man, Charge Him with “Destruction of Police Property” for Bleeding on Them by Joe Harris

Teenager Sues Police After Being Jailed for 40 Days Over a Snowball, Then Cleared by Justin Gardner

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‪#‎tdih‬ On August 1, 1917, labor organizer Frank Little was taken forcibly from his boarding house in Butte, Montana, and was lynched from a railroad trestle. In the summer of 1917, Frank had been helping to organize copper workers in a strike against the Anaconda Copper Company. He also took a stand against WWI, arguing that all working men should refuse to join the army where they would fight on behalf of their capitalist oppressors. As he said in the last speech before his death, “I stand for the solidarity of labor.” Read more: Here are resources from the Zinn Education Project for teaching outside the textbook about labor history: Image by Nicole Schulman: Order poster from IWW: See video from the Harvey Richards Media Archive:

Conspiracy Anyone? The NSA’s 9-11 Cover Up by Bill Blunden

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Brave Jewish woman arrested in New York for reading out names of the dead in ‪#‎Gaza‬ ‪#‎jewsforpeace‬

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