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News Digest July 21, 2015

General Wesley Clark Calls for Sending Radical U.S. Citizens to “Internment Camps” CounterCurrents News

John Kerry “Disturbed” by Iranian Leader’s Criticism After Deal by Bozorgmehr Sharafedin Nouri

ISIS Transforming into a Functioning State That Uses Terror as a Tool by Tim Arango

Amherst Student Expelled for Rape Has Evidence He Innocent, But Amherst Won’t Hear It by Robby Soave

Mitsubishi Apologizes for Using U.S. POWs as Slaves During World War II Vice News

Looking for God, Former U.S. Helicopter Pilot Found Allah by Matthew Bell

Sandra Bland’s Death is Now a Murder Investigation by Sophia Bollag and Terri Langford

Neocon Douchebag Ben Shapiro Gets His Ass Kicked by Transgender Journalist? by Jordan Chariton

Donald Trump Takes a Double-Digit Lead Over the GOP Presidential Field by Neetzan Zimmerman

Releasing Drug Offenders Won’t End Mass Incarceration, But It’s a Start by Oliver Roeder

The U.S. has by far the highest incarceration rate in the world.

Why Progressives Are Fighting About Bernie Sanders and Race by Dara Lind

Why Libertarians Should Love Bernie by Edwin Lyngar

I Am an Inmate at the Prison That Obama Just Visited and This is My Hope by Kenneth Evans

Syrian Air Force Pounds ISIS at Palmyra by Leith Fadel

Cuban Flag Flies in Washington as Embassy Opens After 54 Years by Russia Today

How Long Will I Have to Convince Liberals That Palestinians Matter? by Amira Sakalla

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