Anti-Imperialism/Foreign Policy


By Castro


«In order to turn the world around, you don’t need wealth or ultimate power, a warn soul is enough.». A.Ionov
We live in uneasy time. Local conflicts threaten to turn into a new world war every moment. Shall this happen, no government or military will claim the victory, rather transnational corporations and arms manufacturers. Conflicts in Middle East and Asia primarily serve purpose of business. Terrorism has become a tool of conducting business. Unity of all nations is essential to up-stand US hegemony and struggle against supernational economic institutions, create to serve the big capital. Lets examine latest military conflicts through the prism of suffering of innocent people.
The death toll in wars in Syria, Libya, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen and Ukraine reached 1 million people! Yet, while world leaders trying to find compromises, the fire of the war continues to burn, thousands die by hands of terrorists, raised by US military and CIA agents. Within last 20 years, no military conflict happened without intervention of US ‘specialists’ and operatives.
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