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News Digest July 13, 2015

The “Euro Family” Has It is Capable of Real Cruelty by Suzanne Moore

Israel Could Lose $40 Billion a Year if Subject to BDS Boycott by Michael Whitton

Iran, 6 World Powers Agree to Partially Lift Arms Embargo Russia Today

Alternative Right Podcast: The Greek Crisis and the Chinese Bubble with Colin Liddell and Siryako Akda

Eric Garner’s Widow Rejects $5 Million Settlement by John Marzulli, Ginger Adams Otis, Stephen Rex Brown

Police Wouldn’t Help, So Kidnap Victim’s Family Kick Down Door and Kill Abductor Countercurrents News

A World of Cities: How Localism Prospers in an Era of Globalization by Alan Pell Crawford

Czech Anarchists Set Police Cars on Fire Prague Post

Shopper Calls the Cops When He Sees Confederate Items for Sale in a Store by Parker Lee

Another Symbol You See Everyday Also Has a Racial Past by Kaitlynn Schallhorn

Mental Illness and Jails: Race is Left Out of the Equation by James Kilgore

Cop Fired for Exposing Department Policy Where Cops Have Sex with Prostitutes, Arrest Them Countercurrents News

Why Libertarians Shouldn’t Let Conservatives and Progressives Abuse Their Ideas on Gay Marriage by Shikha Dalmia

Anti-Gentrification Protest in London Ends in Violence Russia Today

Mississippi Cop Strangles Unarmed Man to Death Countercurrents News

26 Philadelphia Cops Beat, Tase Unarmed Man Who Was Riding His Bike Cop Block

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