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Hate Crimes Charges for Stealing and Burning a Rainbow Flag?

Read the story and watch the video here.

On one hand, it looks like this guy was doing more than merely burning a flag that he happened to own. He apparently stole the flag from neighbors. So he’s at least guilty of trespassing, theft, and destruction of property. But charges of felony arson, which is usually applied to the destruction of buildings for purposes of revenge or insurance fraud, and hate crime, given no violence or threat of violence, appears to be present seems a bit excessive. This guy is an asshole, but I wonder if the charges would have been levied if this had involved an American flag, Confederate flag, or, lol, a Swastika flag.

Gabriel Brown raises some interesting points.

“This story is interesting for many different reasons. For the past few weeks and even month, I have seen people calling to burn the Confederate battle flag and to burn the United States’ flag. For decades, it has been determined that flag-burning is a First Amendment right regardless of whether or not we agree or disagree with burning the flag, or a flag that is reflective of this nation-state’s history.

During the past 2 weeks, there have been irrational mob-like calls for digging up Confederate generals’ bodies out of a park in Memphis Tennessee.There have been irrational demands to have street names changed. Stores are now refusing to sell Confederate flag merchandise to the general public. Apple began removing all civil war games with Confederate flag symbols. TV programs like the “Dukes of Hazard” have now been pulled off the air due to the image of the flag on the famous car. There have been people demanding the flag be removed from state capitals, and there have even been advocates of burning and removing the Confederate flag who have posted up memes laughing about how the flag has been removed and replaced with the Gay Pride flag as the new state capital flag…

The irrational lynch mob mentality to burn both the American flag and the Confederate battle flag have become perfectly acceptable and, legally speaking, people have a right to burn those flags whether we agree or disagree as it is protected under the First Amendment right to do so.

All of a sudden, however… if someone chooses to burn the Gay Pride flag, the First Amendment no longer applies to the burning of that flag and it is being labeled a hate crime to do so…

How did a rainbow-colored flag gain superior and privileged protection that not even the United States’ flag, which is the official flag of our nation-state, gain such a degree of protected privilege that you may now be faced with the possibility of jail time if you are to burn this flag?

How did a rainbow-colored flag manage to completely cancel out the First Amendment to such a degree that it is now deemed a violent hate crime to burn it in this country?

Are we going to see lobbying which also deems burning the Israeli flag or the United Nations’ flag a “hate crime” as well, and where they now hold more specially privileged protection than even the flags of this nation-state we live in?

How can you argue that the national flag-burning is legally protected under the First Amendment, but a Gay Pride rainbow flag, is not when all of these objects being burned are simply pieces of cloth with symbols and colors attached to them in a way that is no different than the other?

It is stories like this that are the reason I am very concerned about hate speech laws being passed for any kind for any group because of the potential for abuse that may be utilized once implemented against anyone that ultimately is guilty of the crime of heresy by a religious cult by a group of people in favor of totalitarian humanism.

This is the beginning where those who claim the title of “oppressed” begin to act in the very manner to oppress others with jail time in the same fashion they claimed was unleashed upon them.

I have no problem with those who choose to fly the American Flag, the Confederate Flag, the Black Nationalist Flags, The White Nationalist Flags, The National Socialist Flag, The Soviet Union Flag, the Gay Pride Flag, various Anarchist Flags, and etc, and I certainly have no problem with those who wish to burn any one of those flags, ether. I do however have a problem with the notion that somehow it is now legal to burn one flag but completely illegal to burn another due to political correctness. People have a right to like and dislike flags as they have a right to burn or not burn flags which is supposed to be protected under the First Amendment.”

Ether all flags are protected under the First Amendment when it comes to burning or no flags are protected. This selective enforcement of making it a crime to burn a flag is troublesome and very hypocritical and dangerous toward free speech as well by those who favor burning one type of flag but demanding people go to jail if they dare burn down their flag…”

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  1. What…? I just read that “All of a sudden, however… if someone chooses to burn the Gay Pride flag, the First Amendment no longer applies to the burning of that flag and it is being labeled a hate crime to do so” but that is NOT what happened, i hate it when people say stupid things by overlooking little but important facts.

    the First Amendment does appy to the burning the gay flag!

    HOWEVER it is illegal to burn the gay flag that you justSTOLE off of your neighbors property! AND it is illegal to burn the American Flag if you STOLE it.

    the crime here is destruction of STOLEN property, the crime is NOT about the american flag nor the gay flag!

    If you buy and own a gay rainbow flag then you ARE free to burn it
    the same way you can burn the American flag(that you own),

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