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News Digest July 1, 2015

Marriage Equality: Don’t Let the Perfect Become the Enemy of the Good by Cory Massimo

Inequality, the State, and the Left by Chris Dillow

Can You Be a Waitress and a Feminist? by Brittany Bronson

Private Prisons to Sue States Unless They Get More Inmates Free Labor Countercurrents News

The Libertarian Case Against Gay Marriage by Justin Raimondo

Spain Puts Gag on Freedom of Expression as Spain Approves Security Law by Ashifa Kassam

Federal Judge: “My Drug War Sentences Were Unfair and Disproportionate” by Conor Friedersdorf

Why Government Should Get Out of the Marriage Business by Edward Morrisey

Civil Rights Icon’s Tough Message to Black Community on Confederate Flag by Jason Howerton

Activists Planning to Burn American Flags in Brooklyn Today by Mike Pearl

Ruling Against Three Strikes Sentencing Law Opens Door to Reform by Nicole D. Porter

Affordable Housing Crisis Grows Across the Country as Apartment Rents Skyrocket by Steven Rosenfeld

Orwell, Huxley, and the Scourge of the Surveillance State by Henry A. Giroux

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